Robert Graebert at ODA Summit 2021

ARES CAD Platform leveraging ODA DWG libraries for Mechanical & BIM | ODA Summit 2021

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert GmbH presented the ARES CAD Software at the ODA Summit 2021. Graebert GmbH is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance. Graebert develops DWG based CAD products under the ARES brand and has the second-largest DWG CAD user base. We are uniquely positioned in the market with our focus on providing our CAD solutions on desktop, mobile and cloud with a consistent set of APIs for our development partners.

ARES Commander 2022 will be released by Graebert for BIM

While BIM software is increasingly used to design buildings and their systems in 3D, the DWG format used by CAD software such as ARES Commander remains the lingua franca to document such projects with 2D drawings. As a result, it is estimated that 80% of the users in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry keep using CAD software.

BIM in ARES Commander

Smarter DWG Drawings for BIM Projects With ARES Commander

With BIM Drawings Features in ARES Commander, you can leverage the intelligence of BIM to automate CAD drawings production. Technical information is becoming more and more complex and vast in construction projects with the deployment of 3D, BIM, and simulation. DWG CAD drawings can be used to document these projects in detail with focus on specific views and entities.

Graebert CAD Software targets BIM Documentation

Graebert sees that much BIM work is also done in DWG — 3D modeling in BIM, 2D drawings in DWG. Drawings are useful in organizing the complexity of BIM models, and for focusing on the details that are needed to carry out building projects — never mind the legal weight that signed drawings carry.

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

ARES Commander speeds up 2D DWG drawings production from a BIM project. We can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. Most interestingly the BIM drawings created with ARES Commander retain all the BIM information and can be updated when a new version of the BIM model is loaded.

Graebert Eases Workflow Between 2D CAD and BIM

‘Graebert is approaching this “broken workflow” with a three-pronged strategy: enabling CAD users to access a broader scope of BIM project information, accelerating and automating drawing production, and minimizing the effort needed to update CAD drawings when BIM projects are modified. To that end, the Graebert team is expanding capabilities in ARES Commander that can help CAD users work more efficiently on construction projects with BIM users, especially during the documentation phase.’