Graebert CAD Software targets BIM Documentation

Graebert sees that much BIM work is also done in DWG — 3D modeling in BIM, 2D drawings in DWG. Drawings are useful in organizing the complexity of BIM models, and for focusing on the details that are needed to carry out building projects — never mind the legal weight that signed drawings carry.

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

ARES Commander speeds up 2D DWG drawings production from a BIM project. We can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. Most interestingly the BIM drawings created with ARES Commander retain all the BIM information and can be updated when a new version of the BIM model is loaded.

Graebert Eases Workflow Between 2D CAD and BIM

‘Graebert is approaching this “broken workflow” with a three-pronged strategy: enabling CAD users to access a broader scope of BIM project information, accelerating and automating drawing production, and minimizing the effort needed to update CAD drawings when BIM projects are modified. To that end, the Graebert team is expanding capabilities in ARES Commander that can help CAD users work more efficiently on construction projects with BIM users, especially during the documentation phase.’

Create and Refresh BIM drawings in ARES Commander

In this video, we will see how ARES Commander can create 2D drawings in DWG format from a BIM project. We can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. We can even combine different BIM files to mix the BIM information from different sources.

Export BIM Data to Tables and Excel

Export BIM Data to Tables and Excel

Export the properties of selected BIM objects into tables in the drawing or CSV files for spreadsheets with ARES Commander. Select BIM entities manually, or from the filters in the BIM Navigator, and extract their BIM data. The wizard helps you to isolate only the properties you need. The data can be inserted as a table in the drawing or exported to a CSV file for use in Excel or other programs.

Read BIM Object Properties

Read BIM Objects Properties in ARES Commander

ARES CAD Software now let’s you select objects and read their BIM properties. While viewing and rotating the BIM project you can select objects. The BIM Navigator will highlight them in the Elements tree and the Properties Palette will display their BIM properties. Alternatively, you may select the objects from the elements tree and they will be highlighted in the project.

New BIM (Building Information Modeling) features being rolled out in ARES Commander 2020 with the ambition to build the best-in-class solution to create DWG drawings of your BIM projects.

Graebert Aiming at Fixing the Broken Workflows Between CAD and BIM

Graebert announced the availability of the BIMflow Pack for ARES Commander OEM. The ARES CAD platform is used by a multitude of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to build vertical applications on top of the ARES engine. The OEM versions of ARES are customized and rebranded as per the needs of the ISVs that can leverage from the CAD features of ARES to concentrate their efforts on industry-specific features to be added on top.

Graebert Steps into the BIM World

The initial BIMFlow performs these tasks:

Imports RVT and IFC files
Examines read-only IFC properties with Properties panel
Toggles elements of BIM models with the new BIM Navigator panel
Extracts IFC data in CSV format to create in-drawing tables for quantity take-offs and reports
Generates 2D sections of BIM models

Graebert Gets Into BIM

Graebert is no stranger to BIM [building information modeling], even though the company is never associated with the ArchiCADs and Vectorworks of the world. It has a subsidiary named iSurvey whose SiteMaster software is used to measure and model the interiors of buildings and kitchens in a BIM context for six years now.