ARES CAD Platform leveraging ODA DWG libraries for Mechanical & BIM | ODA Summit 2021

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert GmbH presented the ARES CAD Software at the ODA Summit 2021. Graebert GmbH is a founding member of the ODA (Open Design Alliance). Graebert develops DWG based CAD products under the ARES brand and has the second-largest DWG CAD user base. Graebert is uniquely positioned in the market with our focus on providing our CAD solutions on desktop, mobile and cloud with a consistent set of APIs for our development partners.

Graebert GmbH has been in the market to supply DWG solutions for 30 years and has been a member of the ODA (Open Design Alliance) since the beginning. The ARES CAD technology is both sold directly to end customers under the brand ARES and licensed to developers including several ODA members as a CAD Platform. What sets the ARES CAD Software apart is our Trinity concept. ARES offers the same core CAD features to create and modify the DWG files on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but also on mobile and cloud.

Learn more about the ARES OEM CAD Platform here: