DWG drawings from Revit and IFC BIM projects with ARES Commander

DWG drawings from Revit and IFC BIM projects with ARES Commander

In this blog, we will see how we can create 2D drawings in DWG format from BIM models. Remember that we can import BIM files either in Revit RVT format or in IFC format. We can even combine them to unify BIM information from different sources, and use BIM filters to isolate only the content that we want to see in our drawings. 

Cycling Selection

Cycling Selection Option in ARES Commander 2023

The new cycling selection option solves the problem in a much more intuitive way. Whenever you hover over the cursor on overlapping entities, you will see this icon. This helps you to display a list of the entities and select only the one you want. Cycling selection can be deactivated from the status bar.

Kumagai uses ARES Commander

Why does Kumagai use ARES CAD Software?

In this blog article, we’ll tell you how Kumagai Gumi introduced ARES to the world. Kumagai Gumi was founded in 1898. Since then, they have made efforts to social developments for 120 years such as the modernization of Japan, the reconstruction of ruinous national land after the war, and the rapid economic growth.

Online CAD in DWG | Enable Free Viewing and Commenting With View-Only Links

View-only links are URLs created by ARES users to share a drawing online. They can be used by non-ARES users to view and comment on a specific drawing for free. They are very easy to use, as you only need to click on the link and the drawing will open in your Internet browser. Ideally, we recommend using them on a computer, because of the larger screen size.

Mobile CAD in DWG | Technical Worker on Site at Work With ARES Touch

ARES Touch is a Mobile CAD solution for DWG drawings on Android and iOS. After installation, all the viewing and dimensioning features are available for free. If you subscribe or buy an ARES Trinity license, you will also be granted access to the editing and collaboration features we will see in this demo.