About Graebert

Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of CAD
software, solutions, and services for Desktop,
Mobile and Cloud.

Company Purpose

One Company: Who We Are

We are successful because we are different
Family-owned and independent for more than 40 years, Graebert is committed to developing long-term collaborations with its customers, employees, and partners. Because we don’t answer to the stock exchange, we can build long-term strategies, reinvesting our profits in innovation for the common good of our community.

One Mission: What We Do And Why We Do It

We deliver modern DWG experiences
Graebert is enabling CAD users and developers to safeguard their long investments in the DWG format. In a world increasingly dominated by 3D models and globalization, we enable 2D CAD users to manage their digital transformation smoothly, leveraging mobile and cloud technologies to improve collaboration, and creating smarter DWG drawings able to work in good synergy with BIM and 3D models.

One Vision: Where We Are Heading

We are taking the leadership role for CAD in DWG
As an innovation leader, Graebert has a head start in new technologies for CAD in DWG. These innovations will enable Graebert and its partners to build the next generation of CAD software and lead the DWG market into the future.

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Berlin (Germany), Gräbert GmbH (aka Graebert) is a family-owned company with activities in over 100 countries.  Graebert is a multicultural company has Research & Development Centers in 6 different countries as well as fully-owned subsidiaries in Japan and India.

Graebert’s innovative approach is to combine CAD solutions for desktop, mobile and cloud into a single and all-inclusive ecosystem and subscription. The ARES® “Trinity” of CAD Software for DWG-editing includes ARES Commander™ for Windows®, macOS® and Linux® computers, ARES Touch™ for Android® and iOS® smartphones and tablets and ARES Kudo™, a full browser-based solution for DWG-editing in the Cloud.

Graebert’s CAD technologies are also available as a platform which enables developers to create stand-alone CAD applications. Graebert’s OEM CAD engine powers a number of industry leading CAD products including DraftSight™ from Dassault Systèmes, Onshape™ and CorelCAD™ from Corel Corporation.

The company is recognized in the CAD industry for its more than 40 years of technology expertise, project management and consulting experience. You can read below about some of the cutting-edge innovations that Graebert has pioneered over its long history.

Altogether Millions of professionals use CAD solutions powered by the ARES technology which represents the second largest installed base in the World in our industry.

Nowadays, more than ever, innovation is in the core of Graebert’s DNA with the unique Trinity of CAD concept and an unrivaled expertise for Cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, Graebert specializes in software development and application development services. The SiteMaster™ line of “As Built” survey software solutions, as well as worldwide surveying services are included under Graebert’s iSurvey brand.

Career Opportunities

Graebert provides employees with exciting opportunities in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Open Communication

We believe the best ideas are generated in a work environment that fosters creativity. Brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussions often occur during afternoon coffee breaks or during spontaneous discussions with colleagues. Members of our team are always encouraged to express their opinions.

Team Environment

When you visit Graebert, you’ll notice that we hire extremely smart and talented people who enjoy working as part of a collaborative team in a very international environment. Our roles and responsibilities are not limited by the title on our business cards. You’ll become part of a cross-functional team and will be involved in many aspects of the decision-making process.


Powerful ideas are essential, especially in our highly competitive and fast moving business. Our team is committed to making our current products the best in the industry, while always focusing on “what’s next”.

Customer Focus

We put the customer first and focus on delivering world-class products and services.


Feel free to apply to one of the jobs listed below. Or, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email at hr@graebert.com with your resume and cover letter.

Current Vacancies / Open Positions

Graebert GmbH and any of its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers.
The company does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, lifestyle, or physical ability.



First release of the ARES AI Assist technology (aka “A3”) in ARES Commander, leveraging AI to assist CAD users to learn and use the CAD features.


BIM Drawings Automation: Automation of BIM Drawings to generate automatically floorplans, sections and elevations in DWG, following an automated script, including automated dimensioning and labeling of BIM entities.


BIM Drawings: Import Revit and IFC files in ARES Commander to generate floorplans, sections and elevations in DWG


Public release of ARES Mechanical: 2D Mechanical Drawings in DWG with support for AutoCAD Mechanical entities (Part References, Part lists, BOM…)


Graebert expands partnership with Tokyo-based Computer System Laboratory Co. Ltd (aka CST) and becomes a major player in Japan, the second largest CAD market in the World.

First public release of ARES Touch for iOS, first Mobile CAD solution for DWG editing on iPhones and iPads

Introduction of the ARES Trinity of CAD concept (the ‘trinity’ refers to desktop, mobile, and cloud)


Graebert reveals its plans for Cloud with the first presentation of ARES Kudo™, its Cloud version.

The same year sees the release of Onshape Drawings, first OEM version of ARES Kudo fully integrated with Onshape, the first full browser-based 3D CAD solution for Product Design.


First public release of ARES Touch for Android – First full-featured Mobile CAD solution for smartphones and tablets


Release of SiteMaster BIM, a 2D & 3D solution for building surveys with IFC and DWG support.

In 2013, Graebert starts its expansion in Japan with the release of JDraf in partnership with CST.


Wilfried Graebert receives the Leadership Award from the CAD Society.


Several industry leaders select ARES as their OEM platform to build their CAD solutions including Corel for CorelCAD and MC4.

The same year sees the first public release of DraftSight™, an OEM version of Graebert’s ARES technology distributed by Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS


First public release of ARES Commander, the 3rd and current generation of Graebert’s CAD technology. Graebert becomes the first company to offer a CAD software compatible with all 3 major operating systems with Windows, Mac & Linux


First public release of SiteMaster Building. Graebert’s Mobile CAD solution for building surveys


FelixCAD awarded the gold medal for innovation in the category IT by Batimat


Public release of PowerCAD CE, first 2D/3D CAD system for Windows CE mobile devices


Graebert releases first DWG-compatible CAD alternative: FelixCAD


Graebert becomes the first and largest Distributor of AutoCAD in Germany


Graebert begins software development and becomes an IBM partner

Certified Clean Fleet

Graebert’s dedication to our customers goes beyond helping them overcome business problems. We are committed to preserving our shared environment, to protect everyone’s future. FLEETCOR Deutschland GmbH and Clean Advantage verified that in 2021, Graebert offset more than 6,700 kg of CO2. We are proud to achieve “Clean Fleet” status and will continue to refine our processes to reduce our impact on the climate.