OEM CAD Platforms

Use the ARES CAD Software as an engine to build
your own CAD solution sold under your own brand

Build your own CAD solutions combining your specific features with the ready-to-use DWG-editing features of the ARES CAD Software. The final result will be a solution you can sell under your brand and created after your own specifications.

The ARES Trinity API supports C++, LISP and DCL on all three platforms: ARES Commander (Windows, Mac and Linux), ARES Touch (Android and iOS) and ARES Kudo (Cloud). Developers will therefore find an easy path to migrate code initially created for Windows-based applications to Cloud and Mobile. With such API Graebert aims also at offering developers a very cost-effective programming environment to maintain the same core features on multiple platforms.

Other platform-specific programming languages for desktop and/or mobile and cloud may include .NET, VSTA, Qt, Wt, Visual Studio, Active X, Java…

Some key reasons to use our CAD software as your development platform:

Powerful OEM Kernel Your brand, your identity, your features: Utilize our powerful OEM CAD kernel to create your own solution, with your own branding, that you can promote and sell independently
The latest DWG standards Be confident that your technology will always be compatible with the latest DWG standards. We use the DWG format natively, without import or export which offers you the highest compatibility.
Desktop, Mobile and Cloud: The ARES CAD software offer the unique flexibility to build native applications
for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS + Cloud.
Flexible API: The API of ARES supports Lisp, C++ Tx, VSTA, DCL, Visual Studio, COM and Active X. With our advice you can migrate code developed for other CAD platforms and/or build code compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Cloud.
You decide when you want to implement updates You decide when you want to implement updates, instead of being told when and how to update your software, giving you increased flexibility
Graebert‘s expert team of CAD developers Leverage technology that is continuously updated and optimized by Graebert‘s expert team of CAD developers. We take care of the core CAD features and you can concentrate on your industry-specific features.
Maximize your profit Embedding the ARES CAD features in your solution will save your customers the need to buy a CAD software on top. The highly competitive price of ARES will help you to reach more customers.
full technical support Receive full technical support from Graebert throughout the partnership. Nothing to pay until your solution is released.


Whether you prefer to sell subscriptions or perpetual licenses we will adapt to your business model. Our royalties vary based on the features you need, your volumes and your business model.

Tell us more about your project and we will be happy to discuss it with you: