Enhance your Experience with Plugins for CorelCAD

Plugins for CorelCAD are designed by Graebert to enhance the inbuilt CAD features of CorelCAD with industry-specific or utility features.
See a list of available plugins below.

Every plugin ships with an self-explaining step-by-step Installation Routine that you can simply follow to install the plugin within CorelCAD.

PDF Import plugin for CorelCAD

PDF Import

PDF to DWG conversion

In CorelCAD you can export drawings in PDF but if you ever received a drawing in PDF from any CAD user you probably know you can’t modify it! PDF Import for CorelCAD is the solution. This plugin will help you import and convert PDF files into elements you can further edit in CorelCAD:

  • Select a specific page to import from multi-site PDFs
  • Intelligent recognition options to import
    different types of entities directly into CAD: lines, circles, ellipses and spliness
  • Detect and group entities by color on different layers
  • Batch processing (not available from Free Trials)

Available for CorelCAD 2018.5 – Windows only
Please check compatibility with your version of CorelCAD before purchase