Enhance your experience with productivity features
specifically designed for DraftSight

Plugins for DraftSight enhance your experience with productivity features that are specifically designed for DraftSight, the popular CAD software from Dassault Systèmes – co-developed by Graebert. All plugins run as well on the free version of DraftSight and/or on the Professional and Enterprise versions. Languages and Operating Systems supported for each plugin may differ from one plugin to another. Please check in the plugin description for details and find a list of available plugins below.

Every plugin ships with a self-explaining step-by-step Installation Routine that you can simply follow to install the plugin within DraftSight.

G-Electrical for DraftSight

2D Electrical CAD

This plugin is mostly designed for Electrical CAD related to product design and not the implantation of electrical systems in residential buildings. With more than 7000 components this software will help the users of DraftSight to design 2D electrical diagrams in DWG according to the latest DIN, IEC, ABNT and ANSI standards. It will also generate the bills of materials, from/to and terminals lists they need.

Learn more about the features:

  • More than 7000 standardized components according to ANSI, DIN, IEC and ABNT
  • Management of contacts: exceeding contacts and auxiliary contacts
  • Libraries are supporting multiple languages
  • Reuse existing designs
  • Search in the component library
  • Manage component accessories
  • Possibility to customize the libraries of components, wires and cables according to the needs of your organization
  • Manage user privileges to edit the libraries of components, wires and cables
  • Customize the libraries in a few clicks: copy and paste, drag and drop, edit multiples at once

G-Electrical helps you to generate all the pages of your electrical CAD project with a maximum of 40 pages per project. Your project is saved in one single DWG file with all the pages created.

  • Custom design templates pre-defined for the standard of your choice: ANSI, DIN, IEC or ABNT
  • Customize templates and standards to meet the specific expectations of your organization
  • Create and group pages by function
  • Numbering pages by design or group
  • Copy and Paste pages
  • Copying between projects
  • Insert cover, table of contents and symbols table
  • Create single-line diagrams
  • Export reports such as Bill Of Materials and terminal strip to .xls format
  • Print/plot tools
  • Automatic tagging for components and wires in real time
  • Renumbering terminals
  • Management double component tag
  • Cross-reference of components in real time
  • Wire is automatically cut when inserting components
  • Auto fill macros
  • Addressing wires
  • Searching through the design: “Go to” tool
  • Real time project tree update
  • Custom project tree view
  • Convert design to different standard
  • Automatic connection of wires
  • Text find and replace components, wires, cables and pages

This plugin requires features that are not available in the free version of DraftSight. If you like to try G-Electrical you need therefore to make sure first that you have DraftSight Professional or DraftSight Enterprise.

For that purpose you may activate the free trial of DraftSight Professional. In the Free version you will find “Try DraftSight Professional” under the product Help menu or can enter the keyboard command _STARTTRIALDRAFTSIGHTPRO.

The Annual license is a cost-effective solution to use the plugin for 12 months. Requires DraftSight Professional or Enterprise 2018 SP1 or higher.

Annual License – Windows only – English or Portuguese

PDF Import for DraftSight plugin

PDF Import for DraftSight

PDF to DWG conversion

Convert and import PDF files into entities you can modify in DraftSight and save in DWG or DXF. The Annual license activates this plugin for 12 months on one computer, whilst the Perpetual license activates this plugin on one computer without limitation of time.

Windows only

OnlineMaps for DraftSight plugin

OnlineMaps for DraftSight

Free Professional Map Service for DraftSight

Convert and import PDF files into entities you can modify in DraftSight and save in DWG or DXF. The Annual license activates this plugin for 12 months on one computer.

Annual License – Windows only