ARES 2022 Top New Features

Top New Features of ARES CAD Software 2022

Graebert’s innovative “Trinity” approach combines Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud technologies to
significantly improve collaborative CAD workflows. Version 2022 includes new commenting, version
comparison, and sheet set management features that help team members track input, organize
drawings, and work together more efficiently.

BIM in ARES Commander

Smarter DWG Drawings for BIM Projects With ARES Commander

With BIM Drawings Features in ARES Commander, you can leverage the intelligence of BIM to automate CAD drawings production. Technical information is becoming more and more complex and vast in construction projects with the deployment of 3D, BIM, and simulation. DWG CAD drawings can be used to document these projects in detail with focus on specific views and entities.

Sheet Sets and New Print Experience for ARES CAD Users

Sheet Sets and New Print Experience for ARES CAD Users

ARES Commander speeds up the process of organizing large drawings with the Sheets Sets Manager. The Sheet Set Manager is a great tool to organize the work with sheets, keeping all drawings and sheets accessible at the same point and at the same time offers a flexible way to customize the structure making it able to support several kinds of projects and workflows. Sheet Sets are typically used in large projects involving multiple drawings and sheets to print. Such projects will imply multiple versions and each version will be printed on paper or PDF.

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

BIM to CAD: DWG Drawings Automation From RVT or IFC

ARES Commander speeds up 2D DWG drawings production from a BIM project. We can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. Most interestingly the BIM drawings created with ARES Commander retain all the BIM information and can be updated when a new version of the BIM model is loaded.

New features in ARES® Kudo

Modern DWG Editing in a Browser 1. Commenting on workflow desktop, mobile, and cloud, 2. Commenting on view-only links, 3. Allow view-only drawings to export to PDF, PNG and .SLD and much more

CAD Software: Re-boost Your Business With Cloud

Graebert made the decision to extend the free access to ARES Kudo until the end of June 2020 for all users. Additionally, any user that will have tried ARES Kudo in the first-half of 2020 will be offered a free license valid until the end of December 2020 only on the condition to join Graebert’s focus group.