“CAD vendors can no longer wait to migrate to the cloud, but they also realize that it will most likely take more than 10 years before the number of cloud users [will outstrip] the number of traditional on-premises users.” — Wilfried Graebert, founder and CEO, Graebert

Graebert in Cadalyst’s Top CAD Technology Trends for 2020

Wilfried Graebert, founder and CEO of Graebert, weighs in on the continuing importance of 2D. “When the first PLM, BIM, or GIS solutions emerged, many were claiming that 2D drawings would disappear,” Graebert recalled. “Twenty years later, there are still billions of DWG drawings circulating. The explanation is simple: These new 3D technologies have considerably increased the complexity of models and the quantity of information that they are illustrating. Drawings are therefore still widely used to document these projects with a higher level of detail and in a comprehensive way. The further this complexity is increasing, the more we need drawings. This trend is further expanding with the SaaS transformation, as the cloud is enabling a deeper integration between applications and better collaboration among users.”

Graebert to CAD Vendors: We Can Take You to the Cloud

Graebert ARES Kudo significantly outperforms Autodesk AutoCAD Web in head-to-head independent testing. The white paper, “Comparing Cloud-based CAD Systems from Autodesk and Graebert,” is written by well-known CAD expert Ralph Grabowski. The paper described the results of testing and details the two products feature by feature.

New BIM (Building Information Modeling) features being rolled out in ARES Commander 2020 with the ambition to build the best-in-class solution to create DWG drawings of your BIM projects.

Graebert Aiming at Fixing the Broken Workflows Between CAD and BIM

Graebert announced the availability of the BIMflow Pack for ARES Commander OEM. The ARES CAD platform is used by a multitude of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to build vertical applications on top of the ARES engine. The OEM versions of ARES are customized and rebranded as per the needs of the ISVs that can leverage from the CAD features of ARES to concentrate their efforts on industry-specific features to be added on top.