Graebert Has the Second Largest Base of CAD DWG Users

At one time, it may have been possible to consider Graebert as the maker of products to compete with AutoCAD but that was a long time ago.

Graebert’s CAD tools—from DraftSight for Dassault’s customers, to the Ares products, and CAD products such as CorelCAD licensed to other companies—have found their own places in the world. Ares technology represents the second largest base of CAD DWG users in the world behind Autodesk. Just as important, however, is Graebert’s continuing work within the ODA to improve workflows from drafting to BIM, which was a major focus for the company when it presented its annual update for press and analysts as a virtual conference.

Although the damage the COVID-19 pandemic wrought on supply chains, customer demand, and other essential business components pummeled many companies this year, Graebert thrived.

Graebert’s Thrives Despite COVID-19 Effect on Supply Chains

Although the damage the COVID-19 pandemic wrought on supply chains, customer demand and other essential business components pummeled many companies this year, Graebert thrived. “Unlike most of our competitors, our company is not owned by investors … we create value for our customers and partners, not for the stock exchange,” said CEO and founder Wilfried Graebert during this year’s online-only Graebert neXt conference. “Despite corona, we keep this year hiring strongly,” he said, increasing the company size by some 30% in 2020.

Graebert neXt Online Event: Hottest news

Graebert GmbH held a 30-min exclusive online event was by invitation only for its partners and guests. The online event served as a replacement for the Graebert’s Annual Meeting held in the past years in Berlin. The event summarized Graebert’s upcoming innovations and gave a glimpse of the new features of ARES 2022 releasing in spring 2021. The ARES 2022 launch event open to the public is expected in spring 2021.

Graebert CAD for ARM Macs

‘…Graebert beat all other primary CAD vendors serving the Mac platform to market with a native version of their CAD software for Apple’s new Macs with the ARM-based M1 processor. This news is one of many exciting items delivered to press and conference attendees this week virtually as part of Graebert’s virtual conference.’

ARES OEM Development Platform?

Graebert – ARES OEM Development Platform

Graebert GmbH has been in the market to supply DWG solutions for 30 years and has been a member of the ODA (Open Design Alliance) since the beginning. The ARES CAD technology is both sold directly to end customers under the brand ARES and licensed to developers including several ODA members as a CAD Platform. What sets the ARES CAD Software apart is our Trinity concept. ARES offers the same core CAD features to create and modify the DWG files on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but also on mobile and cloud.


Swissnologie’s Conception of Panorama Windows With the ARES® Trinity

Swissnologie has replaced its macOS AutoCAD licenses with the ARES CAD Software system. The re-learning phase after replacing the CAD system was rather quick. Thanks to the elaborate training given by Graebert sales, consultants, and support team as a part of the implementation process. Furthermore, the development of existing features on the new CAD system to cater to the needs of Swissnologie is appreciated by all our employees.

New features in ARES® Kudo

Modern DWG Editing in a Browser 1. Commenting on workflow desktop, mobile, and cloud, 2. Commenting on view-only links, 3. Allow view-only drawings to export to PDF, PNG and .SLD and much more

Create and Refresh BIM drawings in ARES Commander

In this video, we will see how ARES Commander can create 2D drawings in DWG format from a BIM project. We can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. We can even combine different BIM files to mix the BIM information from different sources.

CAD Software: Re-boost Your Business With Cloud

Graebert made the decision to extend the free access to ARES Kudo until the end of June 2020 for all users. Additionally, any user that will have tried ARES Kudo in the first-half of 2020 will be offered a free license valid until the end of December 2020 only on the condition to join Graebert’s focus group.