DWG Data Extraction Export Drawing Data to Tables and Excel

DWG Data Extraction Export Drawing Data to Tables and Excel

Extract information from entities or blocks to a table or a CSV file. The Data Extraction wizard enables you to quickly create a bill of materials or to extract other types of information from your drawings. Select entities and filter only the data you want to extract. You can further insert it as a table in the drawing or generate a file that can be imported in a spreadsheet

Export BIM Data to Tables and Excel

Export BIM Data to Tables and Excel

Export the properties of selected BIM objects into tables in the drawing or CSV files for spreadsheets with ARES Commander. Select BIM entities manually, or from the filters in the BIM Navigator, and extract their BIM data. The wizard helps you to isolate only the properties you need. The data can be inserted as a table in the drawing or exported to a CSV file for use in Excel or other programs.

Read BIM Object Properties

Read BIM Objects Properties in ARES Commander

ARES CAD Software now let’s you select objects and read their BIM properties. While viewing and rotating the BIM project you can select objects. The BIM Navigator will highlight them in the Elements tree and the Properties Palette will display their BIM properties. Alternatively, you may select the objects from the elements tree and they will be highlighted in the project.

Import and filter IFC and Revit Files in your DWG File

Import and Filter IFC and Revit Files in Your DWG File

The BIM Navigator palette enables you to import and view one or multiple BIM files in ARES Commander. Supported formats include IFC (versions 2X3, 4 and 4×2), as well as RVT (Revit versions 2011 through 2020). You can further use the filters to show/hide only the objects you need, combining criteria such as the discipline, category, floor, class, or other BIM properties.

Graebert to CAD Vendors: We Can Take You to the Cloud

Graebert ARES Kudo significantly outperforms Autodesk AutoCAD Web in head-to-head independent testing. The white paper, “Comparing Cloud-based CAD Systems from Autodesk and Graebert,” is written by well-known CAD expert Ralph Grabowski. The paper described the results of testing and details the two products feature by feature.