Review of ARES Trinity by AEC Mag

‘…BIM model in the Architecture…is prone to a number of changes downstream, but you… need to create construction documents from it. ARES Commander solves this problem by creating drawings that maintain their associativity with BIM objects. This means they’re resilient — they don’t become obsolete as soon as the BIM project is updated …ARES Commander makes life easier for BIM users.

ARES Commander… has an extensive BIM Labels library for annotating rooms, walls, doors, and so on. The best part is that these labels behave as blocks, pulling information from the BIM properties of the objects.

There is basically no way to import these reference details into the drawing set, and keep them updated per the ever-changing and ever-evolving BIM model, unless we use ARES Commander to connect the two!
there is no fast and easy way to learn about the update, and quickly connect the BIM model to the updated CAD drawing. With ARES Commander, however, it all becomes possible!’

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