Kumagai uses ARES Commander

Why does Kumagai use ARES CAD Software?

In this blog article, we’ll tell you how Kumagai Gumi introduced ARES to the world. Kumagai Gumi was founded in 1898. Since then, they have made efforts to social developments for 120 years such as the modernization of Japan, the reconstruction of ruinous national land after the war, and the rapid economic growth.

''Working with Graebert has been a positive experience from the beginning since it has been easy and quick. '' - Geiger

Why does Geiger use the ARES CAD Software?

The Geiger Group is a family-owned company from Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region of Germany, founded in 1923 and now managed by the fourth generation. Today, over 3,000 employees work at more than 50 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Italy.

‘Graebert has already solid expertise in the cloud with ARES Kudo… To conclude I would say, we would recommend going with ARES for its new advanced features, simple user interface and customer support. ' - TSTS

Why does TSTS use ARES CAD Software?

TSTS is an Engineering Company, a subsidiary of Japan based Kyoson Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.We, TSTS are a market leader in Railway Signalling and Transportation Industry.We provide concept to commissioning solutions to Railway Industries around the globe. 

“Training employees to use the ARES CAD Software was an easy task.” - metrica

Metrica Talks About ARES Kudo & the Cloud

“We (Metrica Interior Design) first learned about ARES CAD Software in 2016 when we were looking for alternatives to AutoCAD. We were specifically looking for a solution that allows production, assembly line, as well as the project managers and purchasing team to open, edit, manage and share DWG-files including the use of our own toolkit.”