Kumagai Corporation Talks About Their Experience With ARES Commander

Why does Kumagai use ARES CAD Software?

In this blog article, we’ll tell you how Kumagai Gumi introduced ARES to the world. Kumagai Gumi was founded in 1898. Since then, they have made efforts to social developments for 120 years such as the modernization of Japan, the reconstruction of ruinous national land after the war, and the rapid economic growth.

TAISEI Corporation Talks About Their Experience With ARES Commander

TAISEI Corporation Deploys ARES Touch Mobile CAD On 4,000+ iPads

Learn how TAISEI Corporation in Japan started using ARES Touch. Please note that this is the case introducing the Enterprise version of ARES Touch which will be used at the large organization. This video is based on the presentation made by TAISEI which was used at the Graebert Japan event held in March of 2020. Many thanks to TAISEI Corporation.

TSTS Talks About Their Experience With ARES Products

Why does TSTS use ARES CAD Software?

TSTS is an Engineering Company, a subsidiary of Japan based Kyoson Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.We, TSTS are a market leader in Railway Signalling and Transportation Industry.We provide concept to commissioning solutions to Railway Industries around the globe. 

The ALP Group Talks About Their Experience With ARES Commander

Why does ALP Group use ARES CAD Software?

ALP Nishikawa is a 200 Million USD group founded in 1985. Their headquarters is in Gurgaon, India and they have a global presence with 11 companies and over 2000 employees. They specialize in EPDM rubber and other polymer-based products. Their flagship products are for the Automotive industry but they also expanded rapidly in other sectors including Building & Construction and Consumer household products. In their R&D centre in Gurgaon, they have created a state of the art Design Center using CATIA and other CAD software such as ARES Commander. Altogether their innovation is fueled by 90 Product Technologists, 350 Engineers and over 65 Senior Manager professionals.

TATA Talks About Their Experience With ARES Products

Why does TATA use ARES Products?

TATA International DLT is the number one in India for manufactured trailers, TIP trailers and special applications products and they are moving towards exports business. TATA has started its journey in 2005 with the one plant in Pune. Thereafter they have expanded across all over India. Today, almost 34,500 trailers are running on the road smoothly. And continuously they are growing towards this market. And it is possible because of the value-engineered product after-sales and service and competitive price.


Swissnologie’s Conception of Panorama Windows With the ARES® Trinity

Swissnologie has replaced its macOS AutoCAD licenses with the ARES CAD Software system. The re-learning phase after replacing the CAD system was rather quick. Thanks to the elaborate training given by Graebert sales, consultants, and support team as a part of the implementation process. Furthermore, the development of existing features on the new CAD system to cater to the needs of Swissnologie is appreciated by all our employees.

metrica-talks-about-blog-ARES-Kudo-2020 (1)

Metrica Talks About ARES Kudo & the Cloud

“We (Metrica Interior Design) first learned about ARES CAD Software in 2016 when we were looking for alternatives to AutoCAD. We were specifically looking for a solution that allows production, assembly line, as well as the project managers and purchasing team to open, edit, manage and share DWG-files including the use of our own toolkit.”