Swissnologie’s Conception of Panorama Windows With the ARES® Trinity

Swissnologie designs and implements panorama windows for filigree, exclusive and transparent architecture.

The ARES Trinity (ARES Commander, ARES Kudo & RES Touch) CAD Solution Serves Us Every Day

‘‘The ARES Trinity of CAD is inspirational and I use it for work everyday’’

Uwe Müller, Managing Director of SWISSNOLOGIE

Swissnologie has replaced its macOS AutoCAD licenses with the ARES CAD Software system. The re-learning phase after replacing the CAD system was rather quick. Thanks to the elaborate training given by Graebert sales, consultants, and support team as a part of the implementation process. Furthermore, the development of existing features on the new CAD system to cater to the needs of Swissnologie is appreciated by all our employees.

Moreover, further support in daily usage of the ARES CAD System offered through training and webinars proved to be helpful.

“As a medium-sized company based in Switzerland, we traditionally have a high-quality awareness and are very customer-oriented. We are happy to have found Graebert GmbH from Berlin to share these values with us.’’

Uwe Müller, Managing Director of SWISSNOLOGIE

Swissnologie Success Story for Download

Read more about metrica’s success with the ARES CAD Software by downloading the PDF (available in English and German) below: