Metrica Talks About ARES Kudo & the Cloud

Metrica’s Testimonial About Choosing ARES CAD Software for their Interior Fit-out Business

metrica is the interior outfitter of exclusive residential projects all over the world

metrica is the leading specialist fit-out of luxury yachts and high-profile residences across the globe. The company shares their experience with using Graebert’s ARES CAD Software when making a switch in 2016.

The ARES Trinity of CAD software combines a suite of DWG-based CAD software for desktop, mobile, and cloud. ARES Commander, ARES Touch, and ARES Kudo namely. These three multiple device solutions together enhance collaboration between teams working on a CAD project. You can download a free trial of ARES CAD software to try for yourself.

We (metrica) first learned about ARES CAD Software in 2016 when we were looking for alternatives to AutoCAD. We were specifically looking for a solution that allows production, assembly line, as well as the project managers and purchasing team to open, edit, manage and share DWG-files including the use of our own toolkit.” quotes the CAD Administrator at metrica.

The learning process for metrica was rather easy as ARES Commander provides all the important functions needed to edit and modify CAD drawings.

“Training employees to use the ARES CAD Software was an easy task. Employees who had previously worked with AutoCAD took about a quarter of an hour to learn ARES CAD software, and the ones who had no previous experience of CAD Software took approximately an hour to learn ARES CAD Software.”

CAD Administrator, metrica
metrica works flexibly and efficiently on their projects using the ARES Trinity of CAD – ARES Commander, ARES Touch, and ARES Kudo

ARES Commander also offers customizable commands option, which means that users can easily use personalized keyboard commands to set a hand on their new CAD Software. “The start of assembly and project management was an easy task as almost all commands of the new CAD program were similar to the AutoCAD commands.”, adds the CAD Administrator. Hence, metrica didn’t have to re-learn new commands and had an easy start. 

Metricas Success Story for Download

Read more about metrica’s success with the ARES CAD Software by downloading the PDF (available in English and German) below: