Why does Geiger use the ARES CAD Software?

The Geiger Group is a family-owned business based in Oberstdorf, Germany, that was started in 1923 and is presently run by the fourth generation. Over 3,000 people work at over 50 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, and Italy.

‘Working with Graebert has been a positive experience from the beginning since it has been easy and quick.’

Geiger Group

The Geiger Group offers a vast variety of services, including delivery, construction, renovation, and disposal. As a result, they can cover a substantial portion of the value chain in the infrastructure, real estate, and environmental sectors from a single source and provide appealing solutions to their clients. Geiger is built on a foundation of strong entrepreneurial foundations and, most importantly, human values.

Geiger Group switches from AutoCAD to ARES CAD Software

''Working with Graebert has been a positive experience from the beginning since it has been easy and quick. '' - Geiger

CAD files are employed in nearly every operational area, including traditional structural and civil engineering, earthworks and landfill construction, building repair, and even backfill mining. Their workers’ use cases and requirements differ from one another. Their ultimate objective is to be able to supply an appropriate application to any employee who requires CAD software.

They may get three solutions from a single source that can be utilised stand-alone or in a network with ARES Trinity. For their building sites, the interplay between ARES Kudo and ARES Touch is particularly noteworthy. Plans that are available and editable on the construction site, both mobile and offline, are in great demand.

  • Synchronization

The ability to synchronise CAD files via the associated OneDrive and further edit them on Ares KUDO on the PC is great for project teams that work both on the job site and in the office.

  • Allocation of Licenses

The ability to assign licences with greater flexibility is also appealing. With constantly shifting project team compositions, they can always assure that at least one ARES Kudo access, as well as numerous ARES Touch licences, is accessible on every building site.

  • Experience with AutoCAD

Employees with prior AutoCAD knowledge found their way around fast and were able to utilise ARES CAD software efficiently almost immediately. Less experienced users, on the other hand, need more assistance and had to practise for a few hours at first to become comfortable with the interface and the features that are important to them.

  • View-only links 

The view-only connections allow us to quickly and conveniently communicate comments and photographs with project partners. This eliminates the need for them to spend a significant amount of time producing PDFs with comments.

ARES CAD software was put to the test

They chose to put ARES CAD software to the test after a favourable first impression. To accomplish so, they recruited a set of test users from a variety of Geiger business units with a variety of use cases.

Geiger’s experience with Graebert

‘The Graebert team was also extremely helpful in setting up the single sign-on and connecting their OneDrive cloud storage. They require single sign-on because, on the one hand, they want to make access as simple as possible for their users, and, on the other hand, they want to provide the highest possible security for their corporate data. At this stage, the collaboration with their in-house IT went smoothly, and they generated solid results swiftly.’

Geiger Group

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