3 Reasons TOA Corporation Trusts ARES Commander for Civil Engineering Training

Revolutionizing Civil Engineering Training: Why Toa Corporation Chooses ARES Commander

In the fast-paced world of civil engineering, staying at the forefront of technology is crucial for success. Toa Corporation, a leading player in the industry, has embraced ARES Commander as its go-to CAD software for civil engineering training. In this blog post, we delve into the top three reasons why Toa Corporation has made this innovative choice. Watch the video to learn more: Top 3 Reasons Why Toa Corporation Uses ARES Commander for Civil Engineering Training

Reason #1: Cost Performance

Toa Corporation’s journey with ARES Commander began as a solution to the challenges posed by their previous CAD program. As the number of users grew, Toa Corporation recognized the need for a software that offered reasonable pricing without compromising on performance. ARES Commander not only fit the bill but also seamlessly integrated with their existing DWG/CAD systems. The flexibility of ARES’ multi-user licensing options, allowing licenses to be shared among users, further added to its appeal. Today, two-thirds of the employees in Toa Corporation’s civil engineering department rely on ARES CAD software.

Reason #2: Support for 2D to 3D DWG

One of the standout features of ARES Commander is its exceptional DWG compatibility, not just in 2D but also in 3D. Toa Corporation’s user base has praised the software for its ability to effortlessly handle both dimensions, enabling engineers to seamlessly transition between 2D and 3D designs. This compatibility ensures that Toa Corporation’s engineers can work efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

Reason #3: Excellent Technical Support

In the ever-evolving world of technology, having reliable technical support is paramount. Toa Corporation found a trusted partner in Graebert’s Enterprise Support, which offers prompt assistance via email, phone, and remote support. With ARES Commander and Graebert’s technical expertise at their disposal, Toa Corporation can swiftly resolve any technical issues that may arise during their civil engineering projects. This level of support plays a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted workflows and efficient training for new employees.

Looking into the Future

Toa Corporation understands the significance of embracing emerging technologies in the construction industry. With the ministry’s implementation of BIM/CIM principles, the company recognizes the need for software that supports 3D modeling and point cloud data. ARES CAD Software aligns perfectly with Toa Corporation’s vision, providing the foundation for future growth and innovation. As the industry evolves, Toa Corporation eagerly anticipates the new features and possibilities that ARES CAD Software will bring, transforming it from a mere CAD program into a vital tool for supporting BIM/CIM initiatives.

Toa Corporation’s partnership with ARES Commander has revolutionized their civil engineering training programs. By prioritizing cost performance, seamless DWG compatibility, and excellent technical support, Toa Corporation has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry. As they continue to embrace future technologies and trends, the company remains confident in ARES Commander’s ability to support their endeavors. To experience the power of ARES CAD Software for yourself, you can download a free 30-day trial from www.graebert.com.

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Unlock the full potential of your civil engineering projects with ARES Commander, the cutting-edge CAD software trusted by industry leaders like Toa Corporation. Here are just a few reasons why ARES Commander is the ultimate solution for your engineering needs:

  1. Cost Performance: Say goodbye to expensive CAD software that drains your budget. ARES Commander offers reasonable pricing without compromising on performance. With high compatibility with your existing DWG/CAD systems, transitioning to ARES Commander is seamless and cost-effective.
  2. Seamless 2D to 3D DWG Compatibility: ARES Commander goes beyond traditional 2D design capabilities. It excels in handling both 2D and 3D DWG files, allowing you to effortlessly create and modify designs in any dimension. Experience the freedom to explore your projects in three dimensions with ease.
  3. Exceptional Technical Support: When it comes to software, reliable technical support is essential. With ARES Commander, you can rely on Graebert’s Enterprise Support to promptly resolve any technical issues you may encounter. Benefit from their expertise through email, phone, and remote support, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and peace of mind. You may also visit the ARES help center to read about the frequently asked questions.

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