Snaptrude and ARES Commander Combine for Winning BIM Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized construction design, and architects and designers have seen an increased adoption of this technology to expedite the decision-making and feedback process.

Snaptrude – Advanced BIM Features

One of the BIM tools driving the market is Snaptrude, Snaptrude is a cloud-based BIM with advanced features that include intelligent automation, real-time multi-user collaboration, parametric design, and smart space functionality, all geared to enhance architectural and construction design efficiency.

Snaptrude generates feedback on the building cost, compliance, and climate studies to enable creative experts to make smarter design decisions. Snaptrude versions with extensive furniture libraries and 3D rendering capabilities have become the go-to design suite for many architects and engineers across the globe. These libraries enable high-end models to visualize designs with intricate details, opening up the opportunity for creatives to produce fully realized architectural and engineering renderings.

ARES Commander – CAD Modelling Features

Snaptrude seamlessly integrates with ARES Commander, with its advanced CAD modelling features. With ARES Commander, designers and architects can import multiple BIM models from different sources, including IFC files and Revit’s RVT format, to create their master models.

ARES Commander boasts complete CAD functionality, making documenting projects with high levels of detail easier and more efficient. After importing designs created in Snaptrude, ARES Commander enables users to generate and automate the production of all 2D floor plans, sections, and elevations in the design.

Automating the tedious tasks of drawing forms, dimensions, and labeling walls, doors, windows, and spaces saves users time and makes processes more efficient. The video titled ‘Snaptrude and ARES Commander | The Perfect Pair for BIM + CAD‘ ( explains the benefit of using the two.

The Ultimate Combination for Perfect BIM Design

The conclusion is that Snaptrude and ARES Commander are the ultimate combination for perfect BIM design. The integration of these cloud-based tools improves collaboration and provides seamless building documentation. To learn more about Snaptrude and ARES Commander in action and discover more about the CAD features for BIM within ARES Commander, you can also read the article from Furthermore you can even try out Snaptrude starting from $49 and the ARES CAD Software for free today!