Amazon Web Services Interview’s CTO Robert Graebert

Kilian Ruess, Senior Solutions Architect from Amazon Web Services interviewed Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert GmbH. Watch the interview to learn how Graebert CAD Software scales its business CAD solution to match demand using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling and how it implements session draining based on Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and AWS. You can read the script of the interview below:

Save in DWG 2018 format with ARES Commander

ARES Commander is using the DWG format as its native format which makes it easy to share files with other CAD software such as AutoCAD® or MicroStation®. In the previous version we released the possibility to read and modify drawings saved in the DWG 2018 format. Now, this format becomes also the default format to save your drawings.

Graebert Scales ARES Kudo Cloud-based CAD Stateful Service to Match Demand

Graebert among the first Advanced Technology Partners to achieve the AWS Industrial Software Competency with its Cloud-based CAD technology ARES Kudo. In the video above, you see Robert Graebert, CTO Graebert GmbH explaining how Graebert GmbH’s Cloud-based technology for DWG editing, ARES Kudo, is leveraging Amazon Web Services technologies to scale it’s IT infrastructure.

Kathleen Maher discusses the ARES line of products

Graebert Brings Its Tools up to Speed with AutoCAD

‘Increasingly, Graebert is bringing its tools up to speed with AutoCAD and customers are showing their satisfaction with it by buying the tools. AutoCAD’s iron grip on the drafting market has been broken and there are several competitors in the field that can fill the need for 2D drafting.’

#Graebert18 Reloaded

The Graebert Annual Meeting is a yearly event organized by Graebert to announce its upcoming features and most recent technologies. Graebert partners, guest speakers and journalists are joining from all over the World.