Sheets Sets Manager and Publish to Print Multiple DWG Drawings

Introduction and usage of Sheet sets

Sheet Sets are typically used in large projects involving multiple drawings and sheets to print such projects will imply multiple versions and each version will be printed on paper or PDF. In this Airport project, we have multiple layouts and some drawings for the tower and the gas station. The Sheet Set Manager helped us organize and configure printing for all these drawings and sheets at one time. Let us place a view on this sheet.

Correct Scaling

We select the correct scaling and the view label will be placed automatically. Setting the number and title for the new view will update the fields and this will become visible in the sheet. We are happy with the updated drawing, so let’s save it.

Subset of sheet

We want to create a subset to organize all sheets for the tower in one place. We will now move all relevant sheets to the new Tower subset. With the new print options, we can print the entire project or just a subset to paper or PDF, for example, let us print all Tower sheets in a single operation. Let’s specify the PDF file and start printing.

Publishing process

The publishing process runs in the background and we are free to keep working on Sheet Sets or any other task, for example, let’s create a new drawing sheet. It will honour the project standards, as the sheet settings and the title blocks are inherited from the templates.


The templates are fully adaptable using customizable blocks and fields. We will define the description and the revision date in the drawing sheet properties and again let’s place a view.

View and printing

Meanwhile, printing is finished and this is the PDF file we generated. We could have different configurations by discipline and reuse them again and again after each version of the project.

AutoCAD use DST format

One last thing to highlight, we support the DST format that is used by AutoCAD and we see here all the features listed on the slide

Pack & Go feature

Coming next will be the Pack & Go feature to share all the sheets in one package

Redesigning Print dialog & ribbon

In parallel with this effort with Sheet Sets, we have been redesigning our Print dialogue to facilitate migration from AutoCAD and we take the opportunity to show again the CAD General workspace whose ribbon is re-organized to offer an easy switch for new ARES users.

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