Graebert – What Makes Us Unique?

Expertise & Independence: 

Graebert was founded in 1977. Graebert has 40 years of experience in CAD and the DWG format which has no equivalent on the market


‘Unlike most of our competitors, our company is not owned by investors. When any of our partners or employees are speaking to me or Robert, they know we are here to stay and they can trust our word. Together we can build on the long-term’

Wilfried Graebert, CEO Graebert GmbH


Graebert’s objective has always been to reinvest money in research and development. Aside from Corona, Graebert continued to hire aggressively. Graebert adds value to their clients and partners, not to the stock market. These characteristics explain how a firm like Graebert can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging CAD technologies like mobile and cloud.

Three key successes:

The following are Graebert’s three most successful initiatives in this regard

  • In Korea, Grabert’s new partnership with CADian gave it the opportunity to win key accounts such as LG, Samsung, and Hanscom
  • In Japan, Graebert kept growing it’s business with 3 of the top 5 construction groups and the business is expanding into new markets. In March, Graebert organized it’s first Graebert Japan event and TAISEI testified how the Trinity concept makes a difference for them.
  • In India, Graebert signed in October a partnership with the Indian Institute of Architects to release IIACAD with the ambition to offer a high-end and cost-effective replacement for AutoCAD for the 20.000 IIA members

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