ARES Kudo Simplifies CAD Instruction for Universities With Multiple Benefits

When a university computer lab was on lockdown during the pandemic, an instructor was forced to change technology so students could continue their CAD studies. What wasn’t expected was the discovery of how cloud-based CAD could transform the educational process leading to faster learning and streamlined teaching.

When the pandemic led to remote learning, architect and tenured professor Luiz Felipe Ungericht had to make a dramatic decision—find an alternative CAD solution for remote CAD instruction for his college students. It wasn’t easy; there are not a lot of CAD solutions out there, even today, that can match the requirements and the benefits found in the solution he ultimately settled on.

The solution must be cloud-based, full-featured, DWG-based, and run on any computer, including a Chromebook or tablet. “At that time, only ARES Kudo met all those criteria,” says Ungericht.’

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