ARES Commander 2024: Explore the Exciting New Features for More Efficient CAD Design

Discover the efficiency-boosting capabilities of ARES Commander 2024, the latest version of the renowned CAD software. From customizable tool palettes to the cloud-based Trinity Block Library, powerful BIM-to-CAD automation, and more, ARES Commander 2024 offers new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your design process. Read on to learn about four of these standout features that will help you to take control of your CAD environment and streamline your workflows.

ARES Commander 2024, the latest version of the renowned CAD software, brings a host of exciting new features to enhance your design experience. In this blog post, we will dive into four standout features that will revolutionize the way you work: customizable tool palettes, the Trinity Block Library, the Flatten and Flatshot commands, and expanded BIM-to-CAD capabilities. We will explore how these features e

mpower you to take control of your CAD environment and streamline your workflows. And you can try all the new features of ARES Commander 2024 for yourself by downloading a free 30-day trial today!

Create, Customize, and Share Tool Palettes

With tool palettes in ARES Commander 2024, CAD users can conveniently store and organize their frequently used tools and data in one place, which is accessible across different drawing files and application sessions.

These tool palettes, designed with familiar properties like docking and auto-hide, offer a user-friendly experience. The software provides a preconfigured example palette, which can be customized or replaced with a palette created from scratch.

In addition to creating tool palettes for their own use, users can share them with other ARES Commander or AutoCAD users in the same *.xtp file format. This enables faster and more consistent tool reuse throughout departments or companies, as tool palettes created in AutoCAD can also be used in ARES Commander, and vice versa. Learn more about tool palettes in this video.


Flatten and Flatshot Simplify 3D-to-2D Conversion


The new FLATTEN command allows users to effortlessly convert 3D entities into 2D projections. This function not only simplifies the process of transforming complex designs into a more manageable format, but it also proves invaluable in rectifying elevation issues that may have been overlooked.

Additionally, the MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT command (alias FLATSHOT) in ARES Commander has been improved, offering users greater control over their designs. Notably, users can now customize the color and line style of foreground lines, resulting in clearer, more visually appealing representations. The updated command also enables users to modify the color and line style of hidden lines, ensuring accurate representation of concealed elements. The “Show tangent edges” option further enhances the flat representation, providing a comprehensive view of the design and ensuring no intricate details are missed. Learn more about Flatten and Flatshot in these videos.


Cloud-Based Trinity Block Library Fosters Collaboration

The Trinity Block Library is a cloud-based solution that simplifies block management in ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch. With this integrated feature, users can effortlessly access and synchronize block libraries across multiple devices, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their drawings. The cloud storage enables instant updates to the library, making blocks available to all users as soon as they’re added or modified. 

This powerful tool also facilitates collaboration within organizations, allowing for easy sharing and customization of blocks to improve drawing uniformity. The Trinity Block Library is a game-changer for CAD users and CAD managers, simplifying block management and ensuring consistency across different environments and devices. Learn more about the Trinity Block Library in this video.

Expanded BIM-to-CAD Features Offer More Automation

ARES Commander’s BIM-centric features aim to address the broken workflow between CAD and BIM software. ARES Commander empowers CAD users to create smart DWG drawings from BIM models, leveraging the intelligence embedded in BIM objects. The associative connection between the original BIM project and the DWG files allows for effortless updates, so the drawings stay up to date, reflecting any changes made to the BIM project. ARES Commander also automates various routine tasks, such as adding callouts, generating aligned dimensions, creating annotations, and applying styles to BIM entities, streamlining the production of BIM drawings and reducing manual effort. 

ARES Commander 2024 introduces a new feature that automates the generation of these smart drawings, providing users with a customizable script to produce a set of enriched DWG drawings from imported BIM projects. Learn more about ARES Commander’s BIM features.

Try the New Features in ARES Commander 2024

As the examples above demonstrate, ARES Commander 2024 offers a range of exciting new features that will reshape your design experience, saving you time and effort. From customizable tool palettes and 3D-to-2D conversion with the Flatten and Flatshot commands, to the Trinity Block Library for enhanced block management and powerful BIM-centric capabilities, ARES Commander empowers CAD users to take control of their CAD environment and streamline their workflows. To learn more about these features and how they can transform your design process, visit the New Features of ARES Commander 2024 section of our website or visit Graebert’s Youtube channel.

And you can try all the new features of ARES Commander CAD software today!