Discover the Exciting New Features of ARES 2025

New Features in ARES Commander 2025 CAD Software, ARES Touch, and ARES Kudo

With an updated, easy-to-use interface and a powerful AI assistant, ARES 2025 enhances productivity and unlocks your professional potential. Make a seamless transition from AutoCAD or another CAD program to ARES 2025, and embrace game-changing features that will reshape the way you work.

What’s new in ARES Commander 2025?

ARES Commander 2025 CAD Software

Graebert GmbH, a family-owned company known for its dedication to user satisfaction and continuous improvement, developed ARES Commander 2025 to meet the evolving needs of professionals. Today’s CAD users are working in multiple locations, using different types of computing devices, and collaborating with more team members, partners, and customers than ever before. With its innovative features and user-centric approach, ARES Commander 2025 addresses their current needs and equips them to meet future challenges. Let’s take a look at some highlights of the new features!

Increased Productivity & Smoother Transition from AutoCAD

ARES AI Assist (A3)

ARES AI Assist (A3)

ARES AI Assist, also known as A3, is an artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI technology. It acts as a friendly guide within ARES Commander, explaining how to use software features, providing industry-specific advice, performing conversions and calculations, and translating text into different languages. A3 can also show users where to find various tools in the interface, which is especially useful when new users are getting accustomed to the software.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

New ribbon UI in ARES Kudo

Graebert is always refining and updating the interfaces of ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch to make them easier to use, for new and experienced users alike. Notable changes this year include:

  • Colored icons in Dark UI style make it easier to distinguish between icons, and they also smooth the transition from AutoCAD to ARES.
  • A new Dimension Styles dialog offers the same options as in AutoCAD, so users can navigate and customize Dimension Styles with ease.
  • A redesigned Options dialog features a new Search function to help users locate specific options quickly.
  • A new ribbon UI in ARES Kudo provides a more intuitive way for users accustomed to AutoCAD, ARES Commander, and other desktop CAD programs to navigate ARES Kudo’s user interface and apply its advanced features.

2D & 3D CAD Features

3D Visual Styles support in ARES Commander 2025

Updates and additions to the rich array of CAD features include:

  • Table management tools that automatically populate table cells and break tables as needed.
  • ARES Commander’s tool palettes and the Trinity Block Library now offer hundreds of dynamic blocks for use in your drawings, while ARES Kudo gains support for dynamic blocks.
  • Visual styles created in AutoCAD will now be displayed the same way in ARES Commander, ensuring that drawings are displayed consistently across applications.

A Block Structure palette simplifies block management, navigation, and editing within complex drawings, helping users to visualize and interact with nested block structures.

Extended Interoperability

Export DWG to DGN in ARES Commander 2025

Support for an even wider range of file formats and integrations facilitate collaboration with a wider range of users. New capabilities include:

  • Export DWG to DGN
  • Civil 3D support
  • Import/Export of CorelDRAW & Corel DESIGNER formats (CDR and DES)
  • Export DWG content to the Datasmith format for 3D rendering in Unreal Engine.

Expanded BIM Drawings Capabilities

Wall junction improvements in floor plans in ARES Commander 2025

Trinity subscribers can leverage CAD-for-BIM features in ARES Commander, enabling the import of Revit and IFC files and the automatic generation of 2D floorplans, sections, and elevations in DWG format.  This powerful feature set, which gives CAD users a much more efficient way to work with BIM projects, has been enriched with these capabilities:

  • Detail views that magnify intricate portions of BIM drawings
  • Display of wall junction types in BIM drawings for Revit models
  • Automatic positioning of BIM labels
  • BIM dimension chain enhancements
  • Ability to split BIM drawings into multiple viewports
  • Multiview blocks to represent BIM objects in 2D drawings.

New Trinity Collaboration Features and Resources

ARES Trinity of CAD collaboration features

Active Trinity subscribers enjoy seamless collaboration across ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch, effortlessly coordinating users in different locations and on different devices. New additions to the collaboration features include:

  • More than 450 dynamic blocks for a range of industries are now available in the Trinity Block Library and the tool palettes in ARES Commander
  • Tag users and involve them in discussions by mentioning them inside comments
  • Take over editing sessions from users working in ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, or ARES Touch
  • QR codes and Cloud Fields connect drawings printed to paper and PDF with online versions of those files, keeping collaborators on the right page and providing quick access in the field.

Operating Systems & Performance Improvements

ARES Commander 2025 includes some improvements specifically for Mac users.

Performance improvements save users time during everyday tasks:

  • Opening a file in ARES Commander 2025 is on average 40% faster than in previous versions. 
  • Zooming in and out is on average 22% faster than before.
  • Graebert’s continuous efforts to prioritize stability have resulted in an 87% decrease in crash rates from version 2023 to the latest 2024 version.
  • ARES Commander is now compatible with the latest MacOS, Sonoma (v14), and provides native support for ARM processors.

Digging deeper into the ARES 2025 New Features

Visit our dedicated ARES 2025 New Features page on our website to explore the exciting advancements and more:

You’ll find a comprehensive overview of the new features and enhancements, complete with interactive elements and detailed video explanations. Explore visually engaging demonstrations highlighting key features and their benefits for an improved user experience.

What industry experts have to say about ARES 2025

“ARES Kudo 2025 delivers a comprehensive set of (.dwg) native CAD features, including powerful 2D CAD drawing and editing tools.”
“Graebert has taken ARES Kudo up a weight class—to use a boxing metaphor. In boxing terms, the Berlin-based CAD innovator sees Kudo as the reigning champion among DWG CAD rivals delivered through the web browser.”
“ARES Kudo truly now stands in a league of its own.”

— Anthony Frausto-Robledo


“ARES Commander stands out primarily due to its capacity to read and extract properties along with other data associated with BIM objects — a wealth of information typically unavailable in conventional CAD drawings.”
“The automated drawing generation with smart labels, dimensions, and annotations will save countless hours of redundant work, while the auto-refresh feature will never let any design change come in the way of CAD drawings.”
“Gräbert GmbH has built a CAD product that does more than just make drawings — it solves some very crucial pain points in BIM–CAD interaction.”

— Niknaz Aftahi, AEC+Tech

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Embrace the Future of CAD with ARES 2025!

ARES 2025 is here to revolutionize the way you work, offering a plethora of valuable features that unlock new workflows. Visit our website today to download the software and experience ARES 2025 for yourself!


What’s next for CAD in DWG?

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