Graebert’s Cloud Solution More Reliable Than Autodesk

‘Documentation still dominates the time spent in the design phase and, somewhat ironically, many BIM-based firms don’t like the automated output. This leads to adding hours of work adding detail to the automated 2D output of model-based systems, breaking one of the key selling points of the BIM process — coordinated drawings during edits. From conversations with design and IT directors of leading AEC firms, beyond their issues with BIM, most agree that they have a problem with 2D output, in that they want the model system to fully automate the output, so they can spend more time designing. Suddenly the focus in firms is the ‘2D problem’… With ARES Kudo, Gräbert has produced a much more feature-rich, professional and reliable cloud DWG tool than Autodesk… ARES could provide a huge boost to those wanting to bring Revit’s automated output up to company standard without breaking the chain. Stay tuned!’

Read more by Martyn Day on AECMAG.COM