Graebert Steps into the BIM World

Ralph Grabowski writes about BIM capabilities of the ARES Trinity of CAD Software

Graebert steps-up to BIM
The company opens up access for rich 2D data in Ares products. There are nearly three dozen CAD programs on the market that work like AutoCAD, but there is only one that comes close to AutoCAD’s market size. Ares Commander 2020 coming in January will enable teams to access information for BIM workflows. (…)

Graebert seems to have the financial resources to pull this off. It puts nearly 60% of its revenues into R&D (research and development). It has struck 10-year OEM agreements with major software companies, like Corel Software, Dassault Systèmes, and PTC-owned Onshape with minimum annual payments. With that kind of guaranteed future income, it can afford to make long-term development plans, more so than any other CAD vendor.

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