CAD Browser ARES Kudo First-Version

Ralph Grabowski writes about CAD browser ARES Kudo from Graebert

CAD browser ARES
Cloud CAD Browser ARES Kudo First Version

”We also see Kudo as being really good for computers you don’t use that often, say a laptop you take into the field, where you don’t want to have to install updates before each time you use it.” – Cedric Desbordes, Head of sales and marketing, Graebert

Graebert Gmbh of Germany is working to be the first at running a full DWG editor in a server/browser system (called “the cloud” in the popular press). The company has a leg up over the competition (notably Autodesk) by working in conjunction with a triumvirate: Dassault Systems, Onshape, and the Open Design Alliance. Graebert’s code is used by Dassault’s DraftSight and by Onshape’s generated drawing editor.”

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