Properties Palette in ARES Kudo View-Only Mode

Version 1.69 of ARES Kudo was shipped today

ARES Commander subscribers in Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania have all access now to ARES Kudo view and share features. The deployment will continue in Asia over the coming months. Meanwhile, Graebert released today the version 1.69 with immediate availability on ARES Kudo is cloud-based, it runs directly in your Internet browser. Let’s take a look at the new features…

Properties palette in view-only mode

CAD Cloud Browser ARES Kudo
Properties Palette in ARES Kudo View-Only Mode

While viewing files in ARES Kudo, you will now see on the right a properties palette. You can select entities and this palette will show relevant information. Properties include information about the layer and basically all that you find usually in the properties palette in DWG-based CAD software.

In viewing mode, you cannot use the properties palette to edit such parameters. Beta testers of ARES Kudo have already access to editing features, including by using this palette, the editing menu or the command bar. As a result, if you are an ARES subscriber and would like to try the editing features, feel free to use the circle icon in the bottom right of ARES Kudo to contact us.

Performance improvements

We keep constantly working on performance improvements. Our ultimate goal is to offer, in a near future, a performance in ARES Kudo that could be compared with CAD software on desktop. In this release, we have focused our efforts on opening time and the performance in paper space (layouts). You should in particular see significant improvements in layouts.

Learn more about ARES Kudo

We released this week a video. We warmly recommend you to watch it. It explains the workflow between ARES Commander and ARES Kudo. Besides, it is a great introduction to Graebert’s Trinity of CAD concept:

To learn more about ARES Software, visit our Youtube Channel: GraebertTV

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