Digging Deep With CAD

Architect and archaeologist Irene Blum works at the University of Bochum, Germany. She uses ARES Commander for excavation work in an antique city in Turkey.

“As our activity goes on for many years at the same location but with changing staff, we need a user-friendly and versatile CAD program”

Detailed Plans

The ability of unlimited zooming in and out allows to create detailed plans of all the findings such as walls, components, fountains – everyone in the team has access and can see the area they are working on. “We feed ARES Commander with the coordinates we gain from surveying the site, so we can reproduce any point or line to scale – and also later identify where exactly this is on site”, says Blum.

For this the various layers are a great help: Even the most diverse topics can be visualized individually or in any combination. This may be purely organizational data such annual figures, captions, measuring points, as well as architectural remains and sites.

Irene Blum uses ARES Commander CAD Software


Great value for science

Blum sees great value for archaeology in the functions of the CAD software:

With simple operations in ARES Commander such as extending lines, parallel displacement and generating lines at a right angle, the CAD program allows us to verify hypothesizes about courses of walls, building boundaries and levels.

Graebert is proud that their CAD software can help researchers to do their work and add to the knowledge of humanity.

About Graebert

Graebert is a leading developer of CAD software, solutions, and services. We are recognized as a true innovator in the CAD industry and have more than 30 years of expertise. Our DWG-based CAD systems were the first to run on Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®.

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Graebert‘s product portfolio is anchored by ARES Commander – a powerful, DWG-based CAD software with 2D and 3D modeling capabilities – which also enables developers to create standalone CAD applications.

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