Edit Hatches and Gradients Faster and Very Intuitively

Select any hatch entity and you will see grips that will help you to manipulate directly the shape. Hovering over a grip point displays also a contextual menu with editing options.

Edit Hatches and Gradients with ARES CAD Software

ARES Commander offers us new features related to hatches and gradients. As you know, with the HATCH command we can indicate a point, and ARES Commander will look for a closed area around that designated point, and then draw in the hatch. That hatch is modified at the time of its creation, choosing among the manyHatch options that come with the software. Or we can choose the “FILL” option to customize it with a single color, or that it is composed of 2 colors and thus create a gradient surface. Among the new functions, we can select the hatches if it were an object, and although its construction depends on a contour, now the object can be manipulated independently through its grips. We can even move a whole side, dragging from its central grip, being able to adapt it to a particular shape, manually.

The criterion of use of the grips in the HATCH is the same as that used with the polylines. Being able to even eliminate one of its vertices …… as well as add new ones. Note that when you select a HATCH, its graphic center appears. Which helps us, for example, to move it. We can also observe that we can alter its shape through its grips. Now we are going to make a copy. But first, we will make a “Crossing” selection that includes the HATCH and in the property palette, we will use its selection filter to specifically select the GRADIENT, which is the HATCH. Press the right mouse button and in the context menu choose COPY.”We copy the HATCH between the different positions of the pillar in “Y” that appears in this drawing.

Changing the appearance of HATCH

If we wish, we can change the appearance of the HATCH. To do this, just double click on the hatch. We change their colors. The properties and characteristics of a HATCH can be copied from each other. With the new features of HATCH in ARES Commander, we can present our projects with a higher level of finish. And take advantage of the new functions to better decorate our drawings.

When selecting a hatch, we can find in the properties palette, the PATTERN section with specific parameters that will allow us to modify the HATCH. For example, changing the separation between lines with the SPACING parameter. Even your angle. We can also know about the area. ADDITIONALLY change the HATCH for another type, either one the predefined ones, or create a new custom one. Thus expanding the flexibility we have when editing a drawing with ARES Commander. Learn more about the new features in ARES Commander.