Smart DWG Editor/Viewer in Your Pocket

Have you ever tried ARES Touch?

ARES Touch (Mobile CAD) is part of our Trinity family and it follows you on the go. You can download the mobile CAD app from Google Play or the App Store for free. Inside ARES Touch, you find a quick tour, explaining various key features of the application.

Owners of a valid ARES Commander subscription have exclusive access to a high variety of editing tools. You may even use ARES Touch as a standalone solution to have your work in your pocket for about 8.99 €/$ a month. If you want to buy only ARES Touch you can buy it from Apple AppStore or Google Play.

ARES Touch isn’t just a simple DWG viewer. Some key features of our portable CAD editor are as follows:

  • Use finger gestures to pan or zoom
  • Maintain your layers via the layer list
  • Read or edit entity properties with the properties panel with just a few taps
  • Execute commands within a powerful input mask which lets you run keywords and enable additional drafting options to modify your drawing
+ Collaborate drawings on Desktop, Mobile and Cloud by adding, deleting, or resolving comments
+ Use finger gestures to pan or zoom, modify drawings, run keywords and enable additional editing options.
+ Read and write properties of entities easily: select->read -> modify -> layer -> color -> quick modify -> editing properties

ARES Touch offers subscribers of ARES Commander to quickly access the same cloud drives and files configured within ARES Kudo (Cloud CAD application). No further actions are required, and your settings follow you on all your mobile devices. You can also use Trinity commenting to improve the collaboration around your projects.

To stay updated about the new powerful tools on ARES Touch, visit ARES Touch Mobile CAD product page here.