ARES Map: CAD for GIS and GIS for CAD

ARES® Map™ – bringing together the intelligence of GIS and A CAD system.

ARES Map - 20171

Maps and floor plans created with ARES Map are saved natively in dwg but contain also smart GIS-enabled information associated with the entities.

ARES Map is powered by ArcGIS® Online from Esri, the world leader for GIS technologies and also based on ARES Commander™, Graebert’s popular dwg-based CAD platform trusted by millions of professionals.


The perfect CAD solution for GIS users

  • A full DWG-based CAD software to create or modify any CAD drawing
  • Unique tools to edit and convert CAD information into GIS-enabled entities
  • Edit and synchronize your feature services with ArcGIS Online
  • Add GIS intelligence to your CAD drawings
  • Choose a coordinate system from hundreds of projected, geometric or vertical ones
  • Work with map services and feature services from Esri servers or your own ArcGIS Online content
  • Display and modify your GIS content directly from ARES Map

  • For GIS users using Esri® solutions, it is the perfect companion to collect and convert but also modify information from CAD drawings.
  • For CAD users, ARES Map is combining all the drafting tools to create and modify DWG drawings with ready‑to‑use maps and georeferenced information.

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