ARES Kudo is now tightly integrated with Onshape

The partnership with Onshape

Onshape is renowned in the CAD industry for being the first and the most advanced cloud-based solution for 3D Product Design. In summer 2015, Onshape released Onshape Drawings and became the first Graebert partner releasing a solution based on ARES Kudo, Graebert’s Cloud-based technology.

Onshape licensed ARES Kudo technology for Onshape Drawings

Onshape Drawings allow Onshape users to document and annotate 2D views and sections of the 3D parametric models created in Onshape. The Onshape Drawings features are fully integrated into the Onshape environment and 2D views are refreshed after any change to the 3D models.

This collaboration is now extending with the possibility to read and modify DWG files stored in Onshape with ARES Kudo.

Graebert and Onshape extend their collaboration with DWG viewing and editing

While designing their projects with Onshape, users may also need to upload to their Onshape Documents some DWG or DXF files related to the project. Onshape and Graebert teamed up to offer Onshape users free online viewing of these files. They just have to click on any DWG or DXF file in the Onshape Documents and Onshape will launch ARES Kudo to read the file.

Onshape users are also offered the possibility to create or modify these files if they subscribe to ARES Kudo and Graebert’s ARES Trinity of CAD software. With ARES Kudo the Onshape users will find a complete and unrivaled set of 2D design and annotation tools to create or modify their DWG drawings online.


Thanks to its close integration with Onshape, ARES Kudo becomes the best companion for any Onshape user dealing with DWG or DXF files. Indeed, the files can be edited online with ARES Kudo but the data stays synchronized with the Onshape Documents where the DWG or DXF file is stored. The ARES Kudo hub is also able to synchronize with Onshape any modification done with ARES Commander (Graebert’s desktop version) or ARES Touch on mobile devices.

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With this announcement, Graebert is also starting the final deployment of the editing features of ARES Kudo. Before Summer all the ARES subscribers will get full access. Onshape users are the first ones to get automatic access to the editing features, they just need to connect their Onshape account and will see the features enabled. The other subscribers can also get immediate access upon simple request to Graebert. Alternatively, they can keep enjoying the viewing and editing feature of ARES Kudo and wait a few more weeks until Graebert deploys automatically the editing features for them.