Graebert19: Interview With Graebert Executives

Ralph Grabowski’s Q&A session with Graebert Executives

‘The cost savings of ARES over AutoCAD is 5:1 [ARES being five times cheaper to license than AutoCAD]. Japan is the worst part of the world for Autodesk. When you reach the top five in Japan, you reach all the rest in Japan due to the pyramid structure. (…)
The early adopters of the cloud are not the smallest [design] companies, but the largest ones. The cloud maximizes the value for you, the bigger you are. This is why we are landing large customers for Kudo [browser-based CAD]. (…)
Mechanical drawings are not as large or complex as in the architectural arena. We have guys who put everything into a single drawing with no xrefs — an entire city down to the toilet. We found we are a perfect fit for facilities management.’