Graebert Unveils ARES Commander 2022

For its new ARES Commander 2022 software, Graebert GmbH held/will hold two events: a 30-minute overview took place in early December, and then a detailed event will come in April.

In his keynote, founder Wilfried Graebert noted that his company has been around for 40 years, is not owned by investors, and that people can talk directly with him (as CEO) and Robert Graebert (as CTO). As he is an entrepreneur, he invests his company’s profits in R&D [research and development], and last year hired 30% more employees. “We create value for our customers, not for the stock exchange!” he exclaimed.

Graebert skipped a version number in ARES, calling the next release of its desktop CAD software “ARES Commander 2022.” 

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