Great Opening of Graebert’s Second Office in India

Employees of Graebert in India
Some of the developers working at Graebert on the ARES Trinity of CAD Software

March 12, 2018 – Noida, India

Graebert has taken the next big leap by inaugurating the expansion of its Indian Research & Development Center, in Noida.

This inauguration follows the expansion last September of Graebert’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany. It aims at strengthening Graebert’s global effort to build the next generation of CAD software. Innovation is the lifeblood of Graebert’s global success since its inception. Graebert is driving its Research and Development efforts across the entire value chain of its business portfolio converging desktop, mobile, and cloud solutions into a unique “Trinity of CAD” concept.

With a high concentration of young, technically savvy population and favorable demographics, India has the potential to become a global Design and Innovation Hub. The massive adoption of mobile devices and fast development of 4G connectivity are opening outstanding opportunities for Graebert. While inaugurating the new office in Noida, along with Graebert India’s Managing Director Rajesh Garg, Robert Graebert CTO of Graebert commented:

“Graebert has strongly invested in India to become the market leader. Fast growing economy and outstanding opportunities with government-led projects such as “Make in India”, “Digital India” or “Smart cities” has pushed us to expand our office within two years of shifting to new premises. By 2030, India will become the most populous country in the World. By 2050, India is also expected to become the second largest economy with 15% of the World GDP in purchasing power parity. Graebert wants to be close to its Indian customers to meet the expectations and fast-growing demand.”

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