Nuesing Speaks About ARES Kudo and Cloud

Nüsing: Movable Wall Technology

Nüsing logoFranz Nüsing GmbH & Co KG ( is a company founded in 1878 and headquartered in Münster, Germany. Four generations of the Nüsing family have successively driven the company to convert it into a World leader for mobile partition walls.

Nüsing’s movable wall technology offers flexible room partitioning and covers a large variety of needs. Movable partitions, glass walls and folding walls significantly help to make more space. They allow the functional and flexible allocation in different areas – adapted to the respective requirements.

Nuesing Partition wall
Premium EASYmatic movable walls by Nuesing

Uwe Urban, IT Manager of Nuesing explains the advantages of Nüsing’s partition walls:

“Our products combine the advantages of modern movable wall technology with the highest standards of architecture and aesthetics, acoustics and sound insulation, fire and smoke protection. Nüsing is your partner for customized partition concepts.”

Leveraging from the Cloud to improve workflows and collaboration

Nüsing’s modular and innovative products are frequently customized to meet specific technical requirements. Nüsing is using the ARES CAD software to produce the technical drawings that will document the project. The design is facilitated by an application developed by Nüsing and running on top of ARES Commander. This application named Nüsing CAD assists technicians with parametric components that will be inserted in the drawing.

With the release of ARES Kudo – Graebert’s Cloud version included in ARES Commander’s subscription – Nüsing sees further potential to improve the collaboration and workflows:

“Nüsing has customers in different regions of the World. With ARES Kudo we can potentially log in on any computer and access to our drawings online. We can also generate a URL that external users such as customers can use to read our file without editing rights. We keep using the desktop version ARES Commander for most of the editing but we see that ARES Kudo will be bringing agility to our workflows in multiple ways.” Uwe Urban, Franz Nüsing GmbH & Co KG

Project from Nuesing shared as a View-only link
The project as seen by the external people in their Internet Browser. Nuesing is using for that purpose a View-only link provided by ARES Kudo. Nothing to install, just a URL showing always the latest version of the project. Customers can use this to validate the project.

ARES Kudo: A Global Infrastructure

Graebert‘s product portfolio is anchored by the ARES Trinity of CAD software – a powerful suite of DWG-based CAD software for desktop (ARES Commander), mobile (ARES Touch) and cloud (ARES Kudo). The three solutions are bundled into a unique subscription converging the 3 platforms into a single user experience.

The cloud version, ARES Kudo runs directly in your Internet browser. You can access and modify your DWG drawings online. ARES Kudo is also working as a hub synchronizing your files with ARES Commander and ARES Touch. Unfortunately, DWG files are usually much heavier than any other type of document and ARES Kudo needs to serve these files in multiple countries. The challenge for Graebert is therefore to build a cost-effective infrastructure able to offer customers like Nuesing a good performance, anywhere in the World.

To solve this challenge Graebert is collaborating with Amazon Web Services. Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert explains: “With the AWS platform, Graebert is able to optimize its cloud infrastructure with server farms in each region of the globe. This infrastructure is easily scaling up or down based on the local needs. We can adapt to any wave of traffic and serve our customers with servers close enough to them. The infrastructure is also highly reliable: in the unlikely event a server goes down the customer can be served by the next server.”

Download a PDF version of the Nuesing Success Story with ARES Kudo (in English and German) below: