Pioneering Mobile CAD Since Day 1

CEO Wilfried Gräbert Reveals His Secret

By Pascal de Lacaze-Duthiers, Online Community Manager at Graebert GmbH.

Full CAD for mobile didn’t exist. Still: The moment Microsoft launched its mobile OS in the year 2000, Graebert was the first company to have a mobile CAD solution for Windows CE®. And last year Graebert announced ARES Touch, the most advanced CAD software for Android®

Wilfried“A curious young business student once asked me how I manage to compete against the big CAD companies and survive”, remembers CEO Wilfried Graebert the time when mobile CAD was still in its infancy (or should we say embryonic period). “I told him my secret: I first study the development of a technology and then foresee its possible evolution in the coming years. Based on these assumptions I develop product ideas for the future – and start developing them in the present. Once the technology is there, we have the product. It’s a head start.”

“Once the technology is there, we have the product”
(CEO Wilfried Gräbert)

This is exactly what happened when Windows CE came out: Graebert’s FelixCAD mobile – later PowerCAD CE – was a ready and able professional 2D/3D solution for mobile. “And Microsoft was proud to show this use of its mobile OS: A software that engineers, architects, and surveyors can use on the go to view, edit and create plans and drawings”, recalls Mr. Gräbert.

Gold medal for innovation

PowerCAD CE pioneered Mobile CAD in 2000
PowerCAD CE pioneered Mobile CAD in 2001

Others were also convinced. In 2001 Batimat, the biggest exhibition for building and remodeling awarded FelixCAD the gold medal for innovation in the category IT.

Graebert’s mobile CAD technology, which back then ran on pocket pcs like the iPAQ and early tablets, was interesting for OEM partners, as well. The company JE Technology for example distributed the software as QuickCAD CE in Taiwan.

 ARES Touch – full-featured mobile CAD

ARES Touch was first released in 2014.
ARES Touch was first released in 2014.

Today, Graebert continues to pioneer the global development of mobile CAD applications: ARES Touch is the most complete, DWG-based CAD solution for Android tablets and smartphones.

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“ARES Touch is, in my opinion, the most advanced mobile CAD app today”