Essential Training eBook for ARES Commander 2019

This book is suitable both for self-training and for lecturers who need to teach and offers many step by step case studies, which can also be used for presentation in regular training classes. In each chapter, there are exercises that relate to the topics covered in the book. Moreover, the case study and tutorial files used in the book are available for download.

This basic training book makes getting started with ARES Commander easy. The content of the book includes the user interface and the settings for the system, user and drawings.

Drawing and editing commands are explained and applied. One chapter deals with the description and dimensioning of drawings, another with blocks. Including the last chapter on printing, the book contains everything you need to get started with the software.

A short excerpt from the chapter about dimensioning :

In this case study, the next step is to modify some dimensions using the dimension palette and introduce the angle dimensioning command.

+ Add diameter symbol

  • Select dimensions “4,2” and “6”
  • Opening the Dimensioning palette
  • Enter the code in the field in front of the measured value: %%c
    This code %%c is automatically converted into the diameter symbol Ø.

+ Add additional information

  • Select dimension “37,5”
  • Opening the Dimensioning palette
  • Enter into the field behind the measured value: (x4)

+ Completing more dimension texts
Use the dimension palette accordingly to complete the missing additions.

+ Inserting angular dimension
Use the AngleDimension command to create dimensions of angles in the drawing. You can create angular dimensions in various ways. The command lets you dimension the inner or outer angle between two given legs. The position of the dimension arc determines whether the inner or outer angle is measured.

  • by specifying a vertex and two points on the
    legs of the angle
  • by specifying two lines
  • by specifying the two end points of an arc

+ Command access: AngleDimension

  • Specify entity: P1
  • Specify second line: P2
  • Specify dimension position: P3

Above we mentioned a few commands from ARES Commander but it can do much more, taking advantage of the capabilities of the ARES Trinity. Learn more below:

The ARES® Trinity of CAD Software

A very innovative CAD software, ARES Commander takes your productivity to a new level thanks to intelligent features and the unique concept of the ARES Trinity of CAD™:

  • ARES Commander, the powerful, DWG-compatible CAD software for PC and Laptop for
    Windows®, macOS®, and Linux®.
  • ARES Touch, the mobile CAD solution for tablets and smartphones
    for Android and iOS devices
  • ARES Kudo, DWG editing
    directly in your Internet browser

The ARES Trinity of CAD software combines the best of the available desktop, mobile and cloud platforms in a single license. Every maintenance license of ARES Commander™ also includes access to ARES Touch™ and
ARES Kudo™. The data can be synchronized across the three platforms by connecting the cloud storages of your choice to your programs. Drawings can be opened directly from the cloud and saved directly to the cloud.

This eliminates the need to send drawings as mail attachments. In addition, you benefit from the fact that colleagues, partners, and customers always see the current version of the drawing. Another effective tool for collaboration is the new Comments palette. This allows users to comment on drawings across the three platforms. The drawing itself is not affected.
ARES CAD software uses the DWG format as the native format, making it easy to exchange files with other CAD programs.

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