Warm Welcome by the Press and Early Users – ARES Kudo

Graebert’s new Cloud-based CAD technology “ARES Kudo” just entered production phase with the release of the first integration inside Onshape’s Drawing module. 

Kudo in Japanese means “school of an open mind”. At Graebert we can relate to this: We are open to new technologies and the requirements of our OEM partners who can expect custom versions of our software to meet their specific needs. That’s why we named our Cloud-based CAD technology ARES Kudo (formerly code-named “Xenon project”). Read more about why we chose the name, ARES Kudo.

The press and early users comment on this dawning of a new CAD era:

Drawings are on track to be precisely what they should be – enterprise-class drawing capabilities with the magic and ease-of-use of Onshape.
Michael Topolovac | Crave

“Graebert is in a unique position today as being the only supplier of a cloud-based OEM CAD component. (…) When an opportunity like Onshape comes along, Graebert has the technology and the history of delivering mature software to OEMs. “

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“Onshape has licensed Graebert’s Xenon technology. As a result of the deal, Onshape users will be able to create 2D drawings directly in Onshape for no additional cost.”

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“OnShape is the first company to use Xenon, benefitting from a custom version of the platform to satisfy its specific CAD requirements and offer its users a seamless, Cloud-based integration between 2D.”

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Want to learn more about ARES Kudo?

The first integration of ARES Kudo can be seen in the videos showing Onshape’s Drawing module. Graebert will further introduce its vision and roadmap at the Graebert Annual Meeting that will take place in Berlin on October 7 and 8.

In the meantime, you may also visit Graebert’s lab for ARES Kudo and sign as a beta user on gcadlabs.com.

Drawings in Onshape Video.