The ARES Trinity of CAD Software – Create and Modify DWG Files With Modern Collaboration Tools

The ARES Trinity of CAD Software enables teams to achieve true collaboration across platforms and devices. With ARES Commander, you simply work as you always have, both in 2D and 3D. You can use local files as before, but you can also synchronize your work with a large number of cloud services and enable real-time collaboration with other users and devices. Nothing to install, nothing to update: the Cloud version, ARES Kudo, allows you to access and modify your files on any computer, directly in an Internet browser.

With ARES Touch, you can take your drawings on-site and they are always up-to-date. Feedback can be shared as photos, audio, or text comments, and changes or new contributions will be notified through emails. You can view the version history of a drawing, compare modifications, and – if needed – revert changes. You could even share a free and password-protected view-only link to a drawing so that people with no access to ARES products can share their feedback using a browser.

The ARES Trinity of CAD™ combines the best of what each platform has to offer: Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud are combined into a unique user experience generating high synergies across all your devices.