Open Design Alliance Interviews Graebert’s CTO Robert Graebert

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert CAD Software answers several questions about his impressions of OdaDevCon2019 and his experience working with Open Design Alliance. Open Design Alliance is a nonprofit organization creating SDKs for engineering applications. ODA offers interoperability tools for .dwg, .dxf, .dgn, Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk Navisworks®, Autodesk ReCap® and .ifc files and a technology stack for visualization, web development, 3D PDF publishing, modeling, and more. You can read the script of the interview below:

ODA Team: How do you find the event today?

Robert Graebert: I think it was great, we were able to show two of our examples of how we’ve leveraged the ODA technology. I think it’s it’s, first of all, a great example of a showcase for our developers to see that there’s something that actually comes out of this but also for the ODA team who sometimes is a little bit removed from what the members are doing and so to see it in action I think it’s a great moment for them and so that was great but also of course to get an update on what else the ODA has been up to. There are different pieces we can pick up on how certain frameworks that we’re using today develop further.

ODA Team: What is the most interesting part of today?

Robert Graebert: For me, to meet the other members, to understand exactly what sort of what their problems are. Because we also vendor in this space and so we want to understand is, just the sort of priorities we’re setting does it apply to them as well. Is that useful for them? And we know we’ve been having conversations to some of them for a couple of years and not just to progress those conversations and to see and of course this the attendance, you know it’s just seeing how the ODA is able to attract new members and I think that the initiative they show today with the open exploding smart alliance I think was very interesting.

ODA Team: Could you please describe the ODA in one sentence?

Robert Graebert: I think it’s an important player in the engineering software space and really providing foundational technology that enables more companies to enter the space and for them to be more productive instead of in a way an equalizer to some of the smaller brands as well that you know don’t have the billion-dollar RIT budget and so those other things, the main points for me

ODA Team: Can you name three core values that you and your company have for working with ODA?

Robert Graebert: I think first, of course, is the sense of quality, right, so whatever we work on, on both teams, we need to rely on each other, that we actually deliver not just prototypes for the actual engineering great quality of software because that’s what the users demand from us. In a way dependability, right, being able to deliver on the things that you promised you’re going to deliver and because we set our roadmap based on what the ODA is also doing.

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