How the User Interface of ARES Commander Compares With AutoCAD?

Let’s take a quick tour of ARES Commander and see how it compares with AutoCAD or other similar programs to begin with let’s look at the ribbon in the top left corner you can see a combo box to switch between different workspaces if you are migrating from AutoCAD. I’d recommend the CAD general one which features a very similar ribbon and if you prefer to work with menus and toolbars you can just pick the classic workspace.

Much more than a cost-effective CAD software application for DWG editing, ARES Commander brings your productivity to the next level with smart productivity features and a unique concept: The Trinity of CAD™. The ARES Trinity of CAD Software combines the best of what each platform has to offer: Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud are combined into a unique user experience generating high synergies across all your devices.