Mobile App for CAD in DWG on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets

ARES Touch Mobile App for CAD, is a professional application for iOS® and Android®, designed to read, create, modify or annotate technical drawings in the popular .dwg format. While some viewing and features are available for free, ARES Touch subscribers get access to more than 150 features for drawing and annotation.

ARES Touch: Mobile App for CAD in DWG on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets

Features in ARES Touch

The Full-featured Mobile App for CAD in DWG by Graebert GmbH is now available for iOS and Android. Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play. With ARES Touch you can Create, Modify & Annotate DWG Drawings and take your drawings on the go. With 150+ CAD Features, including most demanded features like:

  • Precision: Loupe, Snap, tracking
  • Insert Image from Camera
  • Record & Insert Voice Notes
  • Capture / Selection Window
  • Advanced Layer Tools
  • Text & Dimensions
  • API & SDK for developers

ARES Touch is a Mobile app for CAD in DWG on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. ARES Touch comes in the Trinity of CAD offer by Graebert GmbH offering ARES Commander (Desktop CAD software) and ARES Kudo (Cloud-based CAD Solution).

ARES Touch Mobile CAD App
Use Precision, Loupe, Snap, tracking with ARES Touch

Unique Subscription with three DWG-based CAD solutions

ARES Touch is sold within a unique subscription combining three DWG-based CAD solutions interconnected to offer a unique user experience across desktop, mobile, and cloud. The ARES “Trinity” of CAD Software includes ARES Commander™ (for Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® computers), ARES Touch™ (for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets) and ARES Kudo™, a new cloud-based CAD solution.

Any purchase of ARES Commander includes a one-year renewable subscription for ARES Touch and ARES Kudo. Alternatively, a monthly subscription of ARES Touch can be purchased from the Apple AppStore. Subscribers purchasing the monthly subscription from the Apple AppStore are further invited to create a Graebert Account to enjoy ARES Commander and ARES Kudo at no additional cost.

Venue for Graebert Annual Meeting 2017 © axica / Nicole Fortin

At its Annual Meeting, Graebert also explained how ARES Touch is now fully integrated with its cloud-based solution ARES Kudo. Connected with your cloud storages, ARES Kudo works as a hub synchronizing your files across all your devices and ARES CAD software.

Multiple Programming Languages Support

A user may, for example, annotate a drawing on site and his modifications will be seamlessly updated and synchronized with his computer or his colleagues at the office. ARES Touch is also completely customizable for large accounts and major developers. Powered by a custom API, it supports programming languages such as C++ Tx, DCL or Lisp, which allows developers to add workflow-oriented features and facilitates integration with other systems.

Mobile Application Management Support

Graebert’s mobile version also supports Mobile Application Management, which offered some customers of Graebert the ability to deploy ARES Touch on thousands of iPads without the hassle of manual installs. MDM versions of ARES Touch can also be customized to the needs of Graebert’s customers by limiting, for example, the cloud storages that are allowed in the company.

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