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Key highlights of the Graebert Annual Meeting

The Graebert Annual Meeting 2018 took place in Berlin, Germany on November 7 and 8, 2018. With keynotes on November 7 at the Humboldt-Box Sky lounge and private meetings held at the Graebert HQ in Berlin on November 8.  The Graebert Annual Meeting is a yearly event organized by Graebert to announce its upcoming features and most recent technologies. Graebert partners, guest speakers and journalists are joining from all over the World.

Top news from the Graebert Annual Meeting

New licensing options coming for ARES Kudo and ARES Touch

Soon it will become possible to buy separately our Cloud version ARES Kudo or our Mobile version ARES Touch.

Launching of ARES for Enterprise

New product offering aiming at Organizations with 100 users or more. Includes new features to deploy the ARES CAD software to large user bases and more control on user permissions. Learn more.


New API allowing programmers to reuse for ARES Commander source code written in ARX without modification. Learn more.

New CAD features

Take a look at our What’s new document to learn more about the features coming in ARES Commander 2019 or try our Pre-release version. The final release of ARES Commander 2019 is scheduled for end of January 2019.

The Annual Meeting in video

We would like to share a video with you showing a recap of the event.

Learn what industry specialists have to say about us…

‘The day impressively showed several things: how elegant and irresistible the combination of cloud, mobile and desktop software is, if, as in the Trinity system, the components are neatly coordinated and not one as a substitute for the other, but as a supplement. ‘ –Ralf Steck
‘The Graebert solution is both:
■ Both desktop CAD and mobile/browser CAD
■ Both view-only and editing on all platforms
■ Both permanent licensing and subscriptions
■ Both locations for files, local and cloud One license for all products.
‘ – Ralph Grabowski

‘Graebert’s Trinity of CAD solution now covers all device types and scales from the personal to the larger enterprise customer, with flexible and powerful licensing and now powerful enterprise options for deployment and admin control.’ – Anthony Frausto-Robledo

‘The key is CAD software designed for occasional use running on mobile devices or accessible from the cloud. “We find there are three to five mobile users ready [for CAD] for every existing desktop user,” says Desbordes. “There are perhaps 10 million users of DWG worldwide. We believe the market can grow five to ten times larger.‘ – Randall Newton

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