Graebert Announces ARES for Enterprise

Modern DWG-Editing for Large Organizations

Graebert’s new product offering ARES for Enterprise aims at solving the problem faced by large organizations with 100 users or more by combining Graebert’s ARES Trinity of CAD Software for Desktop, Mobile and Cloud with new features facilitating deployment and higher control.

ARES for Enterprise aims at solving specific issues that large organizations face to deploy CAD software to a large number of users on Desktop (computers, laptops), Mobile (smartphones or tablets) or Cloud (runs in an Internet browser).

The DWG format has been for decades the lingua franca of the CAD industry to produce and share technical drawings. Millions of professionals use such software in a variety of domains from construction to engineering, product design, infrastructure, utility networks and more. This represents billions of DWG files saved over the years.

From Finance to Marketing, from Communications to Office software, Cloud and Mobile are reshaping the software industry and CAD software will be no exception.

“DWG-editing is entering in a new era”, said Cédric Desbordes the Sales and Marketing Executive of Graebert.

Two years ago, Graebert announced its “Trinity of CAD” strategy combining solutions for Desktop, Mobile and Cloud working in synergy. From Graebert’s perspective, Mobile and Cloud are not going to replace the fully-installed CAD software working on Desktop computers anytime soon. However, Mobile and Cloud help to share the technical information to a much larger audience. The deployment of Mobile and Cloud solutions will for example significantly improve the collaboration with the many more technicians, employees or customers who currently have only access to printed versions of these drawings.

“For each desktop user currently using CAD software we estimate there could be easily three to five
times more Mobile and/or Cloud users. This represents tens of millions of potential new users” said
Cédric Desbordes.

Graebert completed its Trinity earlier in June with the final deployment of the editing features of ARES Kudo, its cloud-based version. The features announced today for Enterprise customers will be exclusively offered to customers with a minimum purchase of 25 000 US dollars or Euros. ARES for Enterprise licenses are also 25% more expensive. The first batch of features for Enterprise customers include the following.

Higher control for Administrators:

1. Control which Cloud storage services are allowed for sharing drawings within the Organization. Solutions supported include Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Onshape, Trimble Connect. The support of the WebDAV protocol allows for connection of other types of data storages.
2. Support for Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
3. Control of user capabilities to restrict some features based on the organization policies. Some examples include disabling the possibility to share drawings as a link (which allows external users to view the file online) or to export to PDF drawings viewed online.

Facilitate deployment:

1. Support for Single Sign-on (SSO) – Allows for authenticating users with Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (other SSO providers may follow). With SSO Administrators can deploy Graebert’s solutions to a large number of users with the same license.
2. Count for Monthly Active Users – Instead of paying a license for each user, ARES for Enterprise allows Enterprise customers to pay only for the users who have been using the product at least once in the month. Enterprise customers pay for a capacity of monthly active users and will not pay for inactive users. This allows again to deploy to a pool of users without knowing the exact needs of each of them.

Integration with IT environment:

1. ARES Kudo running on a private AWS environment – Earlier this year, Graebert received the Industrial Software Competency from Amazon Web Services (AWS). ARES for Enterprise customers will be offered the option to run Graebert’s cloud version ARES Kudo on a private AWS environment managed by Graebert for their exclusive needs. Additional costs would apply based on required capacities. This option is therefore only required to meet specific security requirements.
2. ARES Kudo running on an internal server – Possibility to run ARES Kudo on an internal Windows server behind the organization firewall. It could allow running ARES Kudo offline on an Intranet. Additional costs would apply based on the requirements.

To learn more about the ARES Trinity of CAD, visit our product information page. Additionally, you can download a FREE trial version here.