Robert Graebert’s Interview by Simulation at COFES 2019

Industry leaders from around the globe gathered for the annual COFES event on engineering software for product and building design on April 7-10, 2019. While attending the Congress of the future of Engineering Software (COFES), CTO of Graebert GmbH, Dr. Robert Graebert talked about the Graebert CAD Journey with Simulation which is video series featuring global leaders.

Robert Graebert in discussion with Allen Saakyan at the Congress On the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) event

Graebert strives to deliver technological advancements year after year. In the video above, Graebert’s CTO, Dr. Robert Graebert explains how Graebert has increased efficiency and collaboration among it’s CAD users with the Trinity of CAD concept by leveraging on desktop, mobile, and cloud. Learn more about the Graebert CAD product timeline here.

Dr. Robert Graebert is the CTO of Graebert, a leading developer of CAD software, solutions, and services for desktop, mobile, and cloud. Their “Trinity of CAD” provides unrivaled expertise for cloud-based solutions.


This interview by Simulation is in partnership with COFES Institute, the world’s largest community fostering the convergence of advanced engineering and design technologies. Simulation is rebirthing the public intellectual by hosting the greatest multidisciplinary minds.

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