The CAD Society Honors Wilfried Graebert with Leadership Award 2013 at COFES

In recognition of his leadership in establishing a foundational platform for an alternative method to traditional low-cost design tools

Berlin – Graeaaeaaqaaaaaaaaq7aaaajdhlzjzmmzg2lwfiyjqtngmzos04ywyxlwrmzjnhymiwmgq4nwbert™ – a leading developer of CAD software and solutions, including building survey products and services – today announced that the company’s founder & CEO, Wilfried Graebert, received the 2013 Leadership Award from the CAD Society ( This prestigious award is given to individuals who have truly shaped and impacted the CAD world through their leadership and achievements.

Previously awarded to CAD legends such as Jon Hirschtick (founder, CEO and Board Member of SolidWorks®) and Carl Bass (President & CEO of Autodesk®), the Leadership Award presented to Mr. Graebert is in recognition of his leadership in establishing a foundational platform for an alternative method to traditional low-cost design tools.

The Leadership award is presented for outstanding technical and business leadership in the CAD industry, with specific focus and dedication to the needs of worldwide CAD users. Mr. Graebert’s award was presented at the 2013 COFES event – the engineering software industry’s only annual thinktank event on the future of the industry.

Facts considered in the award of this honor include:

  • Unprecedented success with the ARES™ Commander product line, bringing in 4M+ new users in less than 2 years since launch on Microsoft® Windows®, Mac® OS and Linux®
  • Licensing ARES to two of the leading companies in 2D and 3D CAD – Dassault® Systemes and Corel® Corporation as the foundation for their successful DraftSight™ and Corel CAD products
  • Wilfried Graebert’s 35+ years as a pioneer in the worldwide CAD industry from its birth through today

Wilfried Graebert is the owner and founder of Graebert GmbH and has been a guiding force in the CAD market for more than 3 decades. Under his visionary leadership, ARES Commander Edition was the first 3D CAD software to support both Mac and Linux at launch. Prior to founding Graebert, Wilfried Graebert was the first German distributor of AutoCAD® and significantly contributed to the growth of the computer-aided design market in Europe and throughout the world.

I am extremely honored to have received this award and to be considered in the same company as Jon Hirschtick and others who contributed so much to the CAD industry over the last 30 years,” said Wilfried Graebert, founder and CEO of Graebert GmbH.

Graebert’s current product line includes:

ARES® Commander Edition 2013 – ARES Commander Edition 2013 is professional, DWG-compatible CAD software with 3D-modeling and additional programming interfaces. It is the only CAD software that is available for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux platforms. ARES Commander Edition includes a fully customizable API.

Custom CAD Development and OEM Services – Graebert’s ARES CAD kernel powers the industry’s top software solutions include DraftSight® from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.® and CorelCAD™ from Corel Corporation™. Our developers can use this same technology to create custom applications, plugins, or OEM solutions to meet your business requirements.

SiteMaster from Graebert iSurvey – SiteMaster is the ideal solution for surveying buildings and sites. SiteMaster can be used with Distancemeters or Totalstations and embraces Bluetooth® technology to capture data and create instant CAD drawings on-site.

iSurvey Services – In addition to SiteMaster software, Graebert iSurvey conducts and manages building surveys for clients worldwide. Clients include Bank of America®, McDonald’s®, Hollister®, Deutsche Bahn®, and Atkins®.

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