CorelCAD Ends—Users Pushed to Graebert ARES Commander


‘CorelCAD ends for its users but they are invited to move to the German ARES Commander, the best alternative to AutoCAD.

In news that doesn’t really surprise, CorelDraw, a sub-brand of Alludo, has ended CorelCAD software availability, and users are being encouraged to switch to Graebert’s ARES Commander.
…CorelCAD itself is a licensed and customized version of Graebert’s DWG-native CAD software platform, ARES. The product is fundamentally identical to ARES except for file integration with CorelDRAW, which enabled large manufacturing organizations with extensive utilization of CorelDRAW Technical Suite to dovetail CorelCAD into their workflows and thus easily move native DWG CAD data into CorelDRAW..

CorelCAD users with a Perpetual license can rest assured that they can still use their version of CorelCAD as normal and will still be able to access technical support from Alludo for the foreseeable future. However, Alludo is encouraging CorelCAD users to explore an alternative ARES CAD software solution for ongoing support and new releases.

CorelCAD was built on ARES CAD technology by our German development partner, Graebert. As such, Graebert would like to offer you an easy transition to their ARES CAD software—powered by the same engine as CorelCAD.

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