Top New Features of ARES CAD Software 2022

ARES 2022 Top New Features

Collaborate, Provide Feedback, and Iterate with New Features in ARES CAD Software 2022

Collaboration among Computer-Aided Design (CAD) users, partners, and customers is essential for project success. Whether they’re located at home, in the office, or in the field, collaborators must be able to share drawings, provide feedback, and iterate.

Graebert’s innovative “Trinity” approach combines Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud technologies to significantly improve collaborative CAD workflows. Read on to see a few of the top new features in ARES Trinity 2022, or get started right away with a free trial.

A 30-day trial access to ARES Commander, which includes a trial for ARES Touch and trial of ARES Kudo, is available for download now:

Material Mapper

New Material Mapper automates the style of 2D entities created from BIM models

Automate the documentation of your BIM projects by pre-configurating the style of drawing entities generated from the BIM project

Assign a specific color, hatch, or graphic style to a material just once, and all drawings will receive the correct graphics styles automatically. For example define that a certain type of walls would always be shown with a specific hatch.

ARES 2022 leverages the intelligence of BIM to automate CAD drawings production. Learn more about the benefits of connecting BIM to DWG with ARES Commander.

ARES Kudo Drive

New Cloud Storage Options

The ARES Kudo Drive makes it easy to explore the Trinity features in ARES Commander, ARES Touch and ARES Kudo.

Free online storage and ready-to-use DWG samples in the new ARES Kudo Drive make it simple to get started, whether you’re a longtime Commander user or brand new to ARES CAD software

Cloud storage improves file security, accessibility, and version control. Because files are synchronized across users and devices, you can start a project on your office computer and seamlessly continue it on a smartphone or tablet in the field, or on a computer at home.

For example, you can upload a drawing to the ARES Kudo
Drive and create a View-only link

Wherever you are, you’ll always be working on the latest version, and you can view the file history and restore older versions as needed. Eliminate file-transfer challenges by sending View-only links to collaborators, and collect their feedback in the form of photos, voice recordings, and text comments. Maintain control over your files, no matter how many people are involved on a project, by managing and revoking access permissions at any time.

Enhanced Integration with Google Drive

Create and modify DWG drawings stored in Google Drive, including in Shared Drive.

Support for Google Drive Shared Drives and integration of ARES Kudo with Google Workspace

Business and Enterprise users of Google Drive can now use DWG files in Shared Drives in addition to the files stored in My Drive. Integration with Google Workspace also enables these users to open and edit DWG files online with ARES Kudo, directly from the web version (

New Third-Party Cloud Storage Integrations

The ARES Trinity is integrating closely with the all major cloud-based services and the list is expanding rapidly

Create and modify DWG files stored in Trimble Connect, Hancom Space, and Microsoft SharePoint

Trimble Connect
The ARES Trinity enables a seamless workflow for Trimble product users. They can store their DWG files in Trimble Connect and edit them in ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch without having to constantly download and upload files like with other DWG-based CAD software. The files stay centralized in Trimble Connect, and user access controls prevent simultaneous changes.

Hancom Space
Users of Hancom Office, South Korea’s leading office productivity suite, can work with files stored in the Hancom Space collaboration hub without leaving ARES Commander, Cloud, or Kudo.

Microsoft SharePoint
In addition to files hosted in Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, the ARES Trinity now supports direct creation and editing of DWG files stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

Sheet Set Manager

Configure your drawing templates with title blocks and sheet sets

Use the new Sheet Set Manager to create, organize, and manage sheets from multiple drawings

Create/Modify Sheet Sets
Group sheets with layouts from different drawings, and use templates to create new sheets. The whole project is neatly organized in one place (even if users are working on different drawings), and ready to print at any time.

Manage Fields & Properties
Customize callouts, view labels, and title blocks using shapes and fields/ properties.

ARES CAD Software 2022 offers impressive new features. Check out the ARES 2022 New Features page for more information.

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